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Are you looking for GE universal remote codes for your LG tv? If so, this article will be helpful for you. Here, we will provide all the applicable best LG tv codes for GE universal remote. We have listed only the valid remote codes. 

With the help of this article, you can find LG tv codes for GE universal remote. You have to pick one code and the chosen code must be of your brand name.

In this article, we will provide all the LG tv codes for GE universal remote. Also, we will explain the process. You can learn the steps for programming. Read this article fully, to get your code and program successfully. 

The universal remote codes are important to the program and connect your device with the remote control. When you buy a universal remote, you will be instructed with a remote code list. If you don’t have that code list with you.

If you want to know some other universal brand remote codes. Then, you can search on this website. Here, we will provide all the valid remote codes of different types of brands. 

In the below, we have given the GE remote code list table. Let’s find out the code that works on your LG tv. 

LG Tv Codes For GE Universal Remote

The following is the complete list of LG tv codes for the GE remote. You can select one code of your model name. 

The universal remote code may differ over time. But here you can find a valid remote code every time. The listed remote codes on our website are updated daily. 

Once you get your remote code then, move on to the processing. We have given the instruction in a step-by-step process. It will be easy for you to process. Follow them carefully and see the result.

Now, let’s find out the LG tv codes for the GE remote in the following table. Make sure, to select a code of your model\brand name. 

1741 1221

GE CL3 Code List for Lg TV


GE CL4 Code List for Lg TV


GE CL5 Code List for Lg TV


How To Program GE Universal Remote For LG TV

The following is the method where you have to enter the remote code. Only by entering the remote code, can you process further and program. We will guide you with each step of programming. Now, follow the steps

Step-1 Turn on your LG tv. Turn on your GE universal remote

Step-2 Now, start programming. Press the setup button and hold it

Step-3 Hold the setup button until the LED light turns on.

Step-4 Press the device button on your GE remote. 

Step-5 Place the remote code that you have selected from the GE remote code list. When the code is correct, the light will turn off.

When the device won’t accept your remote code. It is because of the wrong code that you entered. So, when the first placed code is wrong then, try with another code. Also, you can try different codes on the list. Unless you find that one correct code for your device.