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Verizon Fios TV Code & Programming Instructions

How To Program Verizon Remote To TV With Codes

Programming your remote control can help you control all the entertainment devices in your home by using one universal remote control. If you keep separate remote controls for each widget, you don’t need them anymore.

Programming a universal remote is only a simple process by using remote code. On this page, we have discussed how to program the Verizon remote to TV with codes. There, we can learn how to program the Fios remote to turn it on and off.

Also, we have provided the program Fios remote to TV codes. Let’s figure out how to sync the Fios remote to the TV. 

Programming Fios Remote to TV Codes

The listing below includes the Verizon Fios program remote codes. These hidden codes have their brand and device type.

Ensure that you use only the corresponding Verizon Fios programming remote brand code. If you write down the principles you need, pairing the Fios remote with the TV will be easy. 

Along with the code list, the steps to connect the Fios remote to the TV are also mentioned below. Make sure to follow the procedure. If any action is missed, it only fails in the process. So, be careful until you pair the Fios remote with the TV. 

Programming the Verizon P265 Remote: A Step-by-Step Guide

The Verizon P265 remote offers a convenient way to control both your Fios set-top box and your smart TV. However, if it’s not properly programmed, it can be frustrating to navigate your entertainment options. This guide outlines a simple, step-by-step process for programming your P265 remote to work seamlessly with your TV.

Power On: Start by turning on the Fios set-top box and the smart TV.

Locate and Hold Buttons: On the Verizon P265 remote, locate the “Fios TV” and “OK” buttons. Press and hold both buttons simultaneously until the red light on the remote blinks twice and remains lit.

Automatic Code Search: While holding the “Play/Pause” button once every second, the remote will automatically search for the appropriate code to control the TV. Release the button only when the TV turns off, indicating a successful code match.

Test and Save: Press the “TV Power” button on the Verizon P265 remote to verify if the TV turns on. If successful, press the “OK” button to save the code.

Manual Correction: If the TV does not turn on in Step 4, repeat the button holding from Step 2. However, instead of using the “Play/Pause” button, rapidly press the “Channel Down” button until the TV switches on. Once activated, press the “OK” button to save the identified code.

Note: The provided code list within the Verizon user manual can be used as an alternative method for programming the remote. If the automatic or manual search methods prove unsuccessful, consult the manual for specific code entries corresponding to your TV model.