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If you are wanting to know about RCA universal remote codes for your branded (LG) tv. Then, this place is best for you. Here, we will provide all the RCA universal remote codes for LG tv

To operate your LG television, RCA universal remote can be the best match. To connect the device to the remote control you have to place a suitable code. The codes are present in 3-Digit, 4-Digit, and 5-digit. You have to select according to your brand and model. 

In this article, you can find the best RCA universal remote codes for LG tv. Read this article till the end, to get various information for programming. 

We will talk about the programming process in this post. Just picking the remote code and placing it on the device is not the correct process. If you want to program correctly then, you must learn the process. We have given a step-by-step process in the following that will be helpful for you. 

Once you collected the remote code for your brand device. You have to stick to the instructions to program and control. 

There are many RCA universal remote codes listed in the table. You have to select any one code and place it. Make sure you have chosen the correct code.  

RCA Universal Remote Codes For LG Tv

The below table has several remote codes for RCA universal remote LG tv. As we said, you have to pick any one code of your brand. Try to pick the correct code to program successfully. 

When you have chosen the remote code then, you can move for processing. We have provided the procedure below. Ensure, to note down the selected code as it will help you in the processing.

Now, let’s start searching for your device’s remote code. Below, you can find your LG tv code for RCA universal remote. Check out them

RCA Universal Remote 5 Digit Codes for Lg TV


Rca 4 Device Universal Remote Codes for Lg TV


RCA Universal Remote 5 Digit Codes for Lg TV


Programming RCA Universal Remote To LG Tv 

This method needs programming code. In this manual method, you have to place the correct code in the program. To program RCA universal remote to LG tv, stick to the instruction below

Step-1 Plug in\switch on your device. If you want to program your LG tv, turn on the television. Turn on the RCA universal remote control that you need to operate the LG tv. 

Step-2 Check the remote if it’s functioning properly. You can also remove the old batteries and place them with new ones. Else, buy a new RCA universal remote.

Step-3 You can start by pressing the Tv button on the remote control. 

Step-4 You have to press the TV button continuously till the power button turns on the light. 

Step-5 When the light turns on, you have to place the code that you have selected from the above code list. 

Step-6 Make sure to press the Tv button while entering the code.

Step-7 After placing the remote code, again light will turn on which indicates the entered code is correct.

Step- 8. In case, the light flashes four times. Then, the entered code is not valid or correct. 

Step- 9. When you find the right code, release the Tv button. 

Step-10. Now, you can operate your LG tv with the RCA universal remote. You have programmed and can operate it. 

Note: When the selected code is not responding, select another code from the listing. You have some codes, pick a different code until you get the responding code. Follow up the same above instruction.