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roku universal remote code

Latest Universal Remote Code for Roku TV & Guide 2023



Are you tired of using three or four remote controls to control your home theater system? You can combine all the functionality of your remotes into one using a universal remote.

In the following guide, you will get the complete list of Roku Universal Remote Codes, along with a programming guide. This guide will help you understand and perform the steps to program a Roku Universal Remote control. Firstly, check the universal Remote Code for Roku TV.

Roku Universal Remote Code List

Roku Universal Remote Code GE-  List of Roku Universal  Remote Codes

0015 0022

RCA Remote Codes ->Roku


Roku Universal Remote Code Onn – List of All Roku Universal Remote Codes

Find the complete list of Roku universal remote codes for Onn devices. You can pick one Roku code as per your Onn device model. If you can not connect the devices with one code, choose a different Roku universal remote code and follow the steps again.

ONN Roku TV Universal Remote Codes


Philips Universal Remote Codes For Roku


ONN Roku TV Universal Remote Codes


Magnavox Universal Remote Codes For Roku TV


Dish Remote Codes For TCL Roku TV


DirecTV Universal Remote Codes For Roku TV

Samsung TV Setup Codes for Directv Remote & Program Guide

TIVO Remote Codes For ROKU TV


Time warner Remote Codes for ROKU TV


Roku TV Universal Remote Codes

Verizon FIOS180
Google Fiber2856
Charter (Spectrum)11756
Comcast Cable (Xfinity)11756 , 12292 , 12434 , 12290
Buckeye Broadband12434 , 2434
Inteset INT-10885 , 422
Bright House Cable1756
Hawaiian Telcom2434
Cox Communications1756 , 11756 , 12434
Microsoft Xbox OneT1756
Cable One2434
DISH Satellite TV1756 , 535 , 645
Altice USA3311 , 1561 , 1111 , 1661 , 3411 , 2801 , 0821 , 1931 , 4141 , 0001
CenturyLink2414 , 3183 , 2434
Windstream3183 , 2434 , 2414
AT&T DirecTV11756 , 10706
Time Warner (Spectrum)387 , 1566 , 268
ATT U-verse1346 , 12434
TiVo0091 , 0366
GE Universal Remote Model24922 , 2891
RCA/Voxx387 , 11756 , 12049 , 12434
Frontier Communications688

GE Universal Remote Code List For LG TV

Program Roku TV with Universal Remote

There are three Methods to Program Remote

1- Roku Universal Remote Codes (Manual Setup),

2-without Roku Remote Codes (Auto-Search),

3 – Code search Programming method

How to Program Roku TV Universal Remote Manually?

Using the Roku Universal Remote Codes, we can easily program a Universal Remote. Here are the steps below:

  • Firstly, switch on the Roku TV or any other device you need to program.
  • Press the “TV” on the Roku TV universal remote and press to hold the “Setup button” of the Universal Remote.Blinking remote control light indicates remote control is in learning mode.)
  • After that, enter the “Keycode” available in the list of universal remote codes for Roku given above.
  • After this procedure, point the Roku Universal Remote at the TV” and then “Press And Hold The Power” button
  • Finally, release the “Power Button” after the screen switches off.

Note: Your Roku Universal Remote has been programmed. Your device will be perfectly working with the TV now. If the device does not work, you can try another code and follow the same steps given above.

How can you Program Roku Universal Remote With Code Search

It happens that you are unable to find the correct Roku universal remote codes to program your Roku TV with Universal Remote. In that case, you can set up the Universal Remote into ‘Search Mode’ to find the correct code by itself. Here are the steps below:

  • Turn on The Device
  • Press and hold the “Setup” button. Now, enter the 9-9-1 code.
  • After that, hold down the “Power Button” on the Universal Remote and press the Channel up them until the Roku TV turns off.
  • This method will surely take some extra time, but it is mandatory to find the correct Roku universal remote codes. After the procedure is completed, your Universal Remote should be working properly.

ONN Universal Remote Codes for Dynex TV

What are the Steps to Factory Reset a Roku Device?

  1. On the Roku universal remote, press the “Home” button.
  2. Now, choose the “Settings” menu and click on “System”.
  3. From here, choose “Advanced system settings”.
  4. Press the “Factory reset” button, and in case of a Roku TV, factory Reset everything.
  5. Follow the given steps on the screen .

What are the Steps to Reset Roku Remote?

Firstly, disconnect your Roku player and remove the batteries from the Roku remote. Put back the removed batteries as soon as you see a Roku logo on the screen. Now, press the pairing button and wait until the pairing is done.

Can A Universal Remote Work with Roku TV?

Yes, universal remote controls work with the Roku TV. Some don’t work, but specific universal remotes work perfectly with the Roku TV and other Roku devices. You can find some universal remotes that work best with the Roku TV in this article.

roku universal remote code

Roku Codes for One for All Remote & Program Guide



Are you ready to ditch your multiple remotes and streamline your TV viewing experience? With our handy guide to One for All remote codes, you can easily control your Roku device using a single universal remote. Say goodbye to remote clutter and enjoy seamless entertainment with just the touch of a button.

Model NoCode
OneForAll URC79803061
URC7880 3061 , 1486 , 2371
URC1240, URC12803061
URC3680, URC36603061
URC793553266 , 33212
OneForAll URC79553061
URC1050, URC3110, URC42202371
URC7125, URC71453061
OARC03G, OARN03S, OARN08G52371
URC1249, URC12893061

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roku universal remote code

Easy guide to Roku TV codes for OneForAll universal remote control



In the era of streaming and smart TVs, having a reliable remote control is essential for an enjoyable entertainment experience. If you own a Roku device and a One for All universal remote, then you have reached the right place.

One for All remotes are known for their versatility, and they can be programmed to work with various devices, including Roku streaming players. In this guide, we will provide you with a comprehensive list of Roku codes that can be used to program your One for All remote control. By inserting the proper code for your Roku device, you can easily set up your One for all universal remotes.

So, get away from the clutter of remote controls and program your favourite Roku device with the One for All remote control.

Find the One for All Universal Remote Codes for Roku TV

Are you the owner of Roku TV and want to control it with the One for All remote, get the programming codes right here. These are the compatible Roku TV codes and you have to choose a code that matches with the model of your device. Get the proper code for Roku TV and operate your One for All remote control.

4 Digit Codes for All

Table Code
URC78804487 1756 4398 2434 3183 4740 2183 2360 4892 2049 0178
URC1289 , URC12494398 1756 0885
URC7330, URC73401756 0885
URC3661 URC3680, URC3660,4398
URC793544651 43321 43546
OneForAll URC27811756 0885
URC4220 , URC1050, URC3110,0885 0818 2049 0706 2183 0178 1602 1756
OARC03G, OARN08G , OARN03S12434 10178 11756 10885 12049 12183 10818

List of One for All Remote Codes for Roku Sound Players

If you want codes for programming Roku Sound players with the One for All remote control, you have to check the below table. This table consists of various remote codes wherein you should select the code for your Roku device model. Once you find the code, program your One for All universal remote with the Roku Sound player.

  • Roku Streambar: 7209, 4017, 1462, 1729, 10174, 11756, 12434, 387, 12049
  • Roku Soundbar: 1729, 7209, 4017, 1462, 10174, 11756, 12434, 387, 12049
  • Roku TV Wireless Soundbar: 11756, 12434, 387, 12049, 7209, 4017, 1462, 1729, 10174
  • Roku Ultra Wireless Soundbar: 11756, 12434, 387, 12049, 7209, 4017, 1462, 1729, 10174
  • Roku Streambar Pro: 7209, 4017, 1462, 1729, 10174, 11756, 12434, 387, 12049
  • Roku Streambar 4K: 7209, 4017, 1462, 1729, 10174, 11756, 12434, 387, 12049

One for All Universal Remote Codes for Roku DVD Players

To program the Roku DVD player with the One for All remote, you will get the best working codes right here. From the below-mentioned One for All Remote Codes, you have to choose the right code for programming your Roku DVD player. After getting the code, program your Roku device with the One for All universal remote.

Roku TV

  • 11756
  • 12434
  • 387
  • 12049

Roku Streaming Player

  • 10885
  • 3851
  • T1756

Roku Express

  • 3135
  • 3850

Roku Premiere

  • 5063
  • 5064
  • 5065

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ge remote control codes

What Is The Roku Universal Remote Code For GE



The universal remote is the best remote to control your electronic device and can control multiple devices. Here, we will provide a remote code for the Roku universal remote. 

The Roku universal remote for GE can be the best match. You have to find the correct code and program it successfully. Today’s topic is what is the Roku universal remote code for GE. For more information, read this article

With the help of this article, you can find Roku universal remote code GE. We have listed all the needed remote codes. You just have to pick one of your GE brands\model name remote code. 

The remote codes are important to program Roku remote with GE. Ensure, you have chosen the correct code then, only you can program.

Along with the remote code here we will guide you with the program instruction. First, you can find your code and start the process. In the below table, we have covered all the Roku universal remote codes.

The program instruction is a step-by-step process. Which will help you to program easily but you have to follow them effectively. 

Now, let’s find out the list of remote codes for the Roku universal remote in the following section. 

Roku Universal Remote Code GE

In the following list, you can find remote codes for Roku universal remote. You have to select one code and enter it on the device.

The listed remote codes are valid. The given remote codes are currently available and can update daily. You can choose any remote code but make sure to choose one of your brand name codes. 

Once you have selected your remote code then, follow up the process. When you enter the remote code, put the digit exactly as given in the code table. If one of the digits is missed or misplaced then, you cannot program. 


How To Program Roku Universal Remote Code GE

In the following process, you have to enter the correct remote code. When you enter the code the device will accept and be programmed. In the below manual method, there are some steps to be followed. We have given the steps to follow them effectively.

Step: 1

Turn on your GE device that you want to connect with the Roku universal remote. 


Turn on the Roku universal remote and check if the remote is working properly. If not, turn on the remote and remove the battery cover. Remove the battery from it and replace it with a new one. 


Now, using the Roku remote control, press and hold the Setup button. Hold the setup button until you observe a red light on the button.


Press the device button on the remote control. select the device you’re working on.


Quickly enter the code that you have chosen from the code list. After entering the correct code, the red light will be turned off. 


Check to see if the device is responding to your commands. Press the channel or volume keys on your remote control. To confirm that programming has been done successfully. If it responds then, the programming process is completed. 

Note: When the red light remains on and the device is not programmed correctly. Then, you have to do it again. You have to pick another code from the same list of remote codes. Place the new code following the same process. You can do this process repeatedly unless you find that one correct code. 

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