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Spectrum TV Receiver seems like a traditional TV box and performs better than any other receiver in the market. It has many exciting features and offers a lot when we talk about entertainment. All Spectrum receivers consist of a pre-installed on-demand library to stream TV shows and movies of your choice.

even a single cable box can stream Spectrum’s on-demand over all other gadgets at your home. Here, we will discuss Spectrum cable box codes that are required to program your Spectrum cable box. This blog contains Spectrum codes for different brand devices.

You will also come across different methods of programming the Spectrum remote to the Cable Box.

So, please read this post once and program your Spectrum TV Receiver with the compatible code
from the list given below.

List of Spectrum Cable Box Remote Codes for Different Brands

In this post, you will come across Spectrum Cable Box remote codes for setting up different brands. From the given table, you have to choose the right key code for your Cable Box brand and then program the Spectrum remote to the Cable Box. Try one code after another till you get the compatible one.

Magnavox010, 012
Hamlin050, 049, 055
Hitachi103, 055
Sky204, 230
Tocom056, 039, 040
General Instrument005, 103, 104
Moxi252, 111, 153
Panasonic047, 044
Viewstar012, 015
Zenith060, 093, 052, 100
Scientific Atlanta046, 045, 042, 001, 003, 041
Pioneer063, 105, 001, 034, 051, 076
Pace001, 002, 005
Samsung030, 001
Motorola002, 111, 148
Philips012, 020, 013, 006
Jerrold004, 103, 101, 005, 008, 009, 069
Regal050, 049

Find the Spectrum Cable Box Error Codes
Here, you will get the list of Spectrum Cable Error Codes. These codes will help you to detect what
kind of error is going on with your Spectrum Cable Box. With the help of these codes, you can
identify the exact problem with the device and hence find the solution for that.


Program your Spectrum Remote to the Cable Box (First Method)
Follow the step-by-step instructions given below:
Step-1 Firstly, you have to switch on the Cable Box.
Step-2 Hold the Spectrum remote facing the Cable Box.
Step-3 You will find the ‘CBL’ button on the remote which is the component button for the cable
box. You must press and hold this button for a few seconds. Leave the ‘CBL’ button when
you observe the small LED light on the component button flashing.
Step-4 Now, add the 3-digit remote code for the brand of your Cable Box. The remote codes are
mentioned above.
Step-5 Hit the ‘Power’ key. If your appliance turns off, that means you have entered the right code.
If it does not, you have to use another code. You can also do the processing with the Volume
Step-6 At last, press the component button for saving the code. Tap on the ‘CBL’ button again till
you find the tiny LED button flashing twice for denoting that the codes have been saved.
Program the Spectrum Remote to the Cable Box (Another Method)

Perform the below steps for programming the Spectrum remote:
Step-1 Make your Cable Box on by connecting it to the electrical socket.
Step-2 Aim the Spectrum remote toward the Cable Box.
Step-3 Click and hold the On/Off button and the Ok/Sell button simultaneously for a while till the
‘CBL’ button switches on.
Step-4 Press the ‘CBL’ button on the remote and hold it for a couple of seconds.
Step-5 Insert the three-digit code for your Cable Box model. If the gadget turns off, you entered the correct code. And if not, use another code from the list provided above. You can also perform the steps with the Volume buttons.
Step-6 Finally, press the Channel Up button again till the small LED button flashes twice. This
indicates that the codes have been saved.

In this blog, you learnt about Spectrum Cable Box Codes and how to program the Cable Box with the Spectrum remote. The list of codes for different brands is provided above so make use of the compatible code and have unlimited entertainment in your device with this advanced Spectrum Cable Box.