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The universal remote is the best remote to control your electronic device and can control multiple devices. Here, we will provide a remote code for the Roku universal remote. 

The Roku universal remote for GE can be the best match. You have to find the correct code and program it successfully. Today’s topic is what is the Roku universal remote code for GE. For more information, read this article

With the help of this article, you can find Roku universal remote code GE. We have listed all the needed remote codes. You just have to pick one of your GE brands\model name remote code. 

The remote codes are important to program Roku remote with GE. Ensure, you have chosen the correct code then, only you can program.

Along with the remote code here we will guide you with the program instruction. First, you can find your code and start the process. In the below table, we have covered all the Roku universal remote codes.

The program instruction is a step-by-step process. Which will help you to program easily but you have to follow them effectively. 

Now, let’s find out the list of remote codes for the Roku universal remote in the following section. 

Roku Universal Remote Code GE

In the following list, you can find remote codes for Roku universal remote. You have to select one code and enter it on the device.

The listed remote codes are valid. The given remote codes are currently available and can update daily. You can choose any remote code but make sure to choose one of your brand name codes. 

Once you have selected your remote code then, follow up the process. When you enter the remote code, put the digit exactly as given in the code table. If one of the digits is missed or misplaced then, you cannot program. 


How To Program Roku Universal Remote Code GE

In the following process, you have to enter the correct remote code. When you enter the code the device will accept and be programmed. In the below manual method, there are some steps to be followed. We have given the steps to follow them effectively.

Step: 1

Turn on your GE device that you want to connect with the Roku universal remote. 


Turn on the Roku universal remote and check if the remote is working properly. If not, turn on the remote and remove the battery cover. Remove the battery from it and replace it with a new one. 


Now, using the Roku remote control, press and hold the Setup button. Hold the setup button until you observe a red light on the button.


Press the device button on the remote control. select the device you’re working on.


Quickly enter the code that you have chosen from the code list. After entering the correct code, the red light will be turned off. 


Check to see if the device is responding to your commands. Press the channel or volume keys on your remote control. To confirm that programming has been done successfully. If it responds then, the programming process is completed. 

Note: When the red light remains on and the device is not programmed correctly. Then, you have to do it again. You have to pick another code from the same list of remote codes. Place the new code following the same process. You can do this process repeatedly unless you find that one correct code.