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Do you want to know the GE universal remote codes? If so, then this article will help you to find your GE remote codes. Here, we will provide GE universal remote codes for TCL Roku tv. 

To program the GE remote with the TCL Roku tv, you will need remote codes. The remote code that you enter on the device must be the correct code. You have to choose the correct code in order to program your GE remote with the tv

There are many GE remote codes listed in the following table. Try to select the correct code and enter it by following the steps for processing.

When you find the correct code then, you need to program them. For programming, we have guided you through some step-by-step processes. That you must follow this to enter the code and control your device

The steps that we have given in the instruction are easy to do. you must follow the steps effectively and place the remote code in a correct manner. Use the remote to enter the digit code and if the entered code is wrong, try again.

Now, let’s jump into the main topic and search for your remote code. In the following table, you will find your GE remote code for TCL Roku tv. 

Listing Of GE Universal Remote Codes For TCL Roku Tv

All the applicable remote codes for GE remote are listed below. The listed remote codes are valid and you can choose any code. On our website, the provided remote codes are updated day by day.

Make sure, you have to choose the remote code that is under your (device) brand and model name. If you have chosen the correct code then, no worries you can pass the programming process easily. So, first, select a corresponding remote code then, follow up the guidelines. 

You need to find the correct remote code for programming.

Without any further delay, let’s find out the remote codes.

How to program GE universal remote with TCL Roku Tv

The following are the steps to be followed for programming. In this method, you have to enter the chosen code and program. Follow up the process below

  1. Switch on your TCL Roku tv. Turn on the GE remote and see if there is any problem with the remote. If the remote is not working then, replace the batteries of the GE remote.
  2. Press and hold the setup button on the remote control.
  3. While holding the setup button a light will turn on. When the light turns on, release the remote button.
  4. Now, press the device (TV) button on the GE remote. 
  5. Enter the remote code that you have selected and wait for the result.
  6. When the light turns off then, you have entered the correct code. when the light remains on then, the code is incorrect.
  7. When the code is incorrect, try again with the next code. 
  8. After the light turns off, press the power button.
  9. The Tv will shut down. That’s it you have programmed correctly. 

How to program GE remote without using code 

When the code is not matching to your device and if you could not find the correct code. In this method, the remote will find the correct code by itself. 

  1. Switch on the TCL Roku tv.
  2. Using the GE remote, press the setup button and hold it until the tiny light turns on.
  3. Now, press the Tv option on the remote. 
  4. Press the power button every 5 seconds. Until the tv turns off
  5. When it turns off, turn on the tv again.
  6. When the tv turns on press the volume button every three seconds. 
  7. When the tv turned off\switch off. Press the Tv button and your code will be stored.