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Are you in search of Spectrum remote codes? The spectrum remote has different models. It comes in varieties of the model name. They are unique Spectrum remote Tv codes for each model.

You have to choose yours. The remote codes can be 3-digit, 4-digit, and 5-digit. If you want to program spectrum universal remote with the devices. You need to place the code to pair. If you need to know how to program.

You can read this article and get the solution. Here, we will cover spectrum universal remote UR5U-8780L codes.

Also, we will discuss the programming method below. We will explain the whole process, so you don’t need to worry. 

Spectrum Universal Remote UR5U-8780L Codes

The following table covers all the spectrum universal remote UR5U-8780L codes. The universal remote codes that we provide in our article are valid and up to date. If one of the remote codes is not working, you can choose another.

Make sure to select one code that is under your model’s name. It is a must to enter the correct digit code. If unknowingly misplace the digit code. you cannot program. So, ensure after selecting a code. Write down the code on paper and start programming.

Now. Let’s find out the spectrum remote codes to program and pair with the device.

Samsung229, 333 ,228 363 655 , 143 515, 258
Toshiba229, 333,228 363 655, 143 515, 258
Sharp143, ,028, 308, 251 684, 143, 735, 363, 019, 692
Vizio624 ,625, 386 675 ,387
Sony001 646, ,651, 702 ,608
LG113 363 ,143 ,569 116 ,112 ,741 ,648 ,102, ,284

DVD Player Remote Codes:

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Find the Spectrum Cable Box Remote Codes

Motorola206 , 148 , 002
Pioneer105 , 076 , 034 , 063 , 001 , 051 , 103
Samsung030 , 001
Sky241 , 240
Pioneer051 , 063, 034 ,076, 103 ,105 ,001

How To Program Spectrum Universal Remote UR5U 8780L

Below, we are going to discuss the manual method. In this manual method, you have to enter the code. Then, only you can program it. Make sure, you have selected the code that is of your spectrum remote model name

When you enter the digit on your device and the device accepts the code. Then, you can operate your device using a spectrum universal remote. Follow the steps to program correctly. Let’s begin

  1. First, Turn on the device that you want to operate with the spectrum remote control. The device can be Tv, DVD, home theatre, etc. 
  2. Point the spectrum remote in front of the device. Press up the device button and the OK button for three seconds. Press both buttons simultaneously. Then, the light will turn on and this will remain for 30 seconds.
  3. Now, you have to enter the code chosen from the Spectrum remote Tv codes. If there is more than one code, put the code one by one. 
  4. To confirm, the entered code is right. You need to press the power button. Ensure, when the device turns on that means you entered the correct code. When the remains are off then, you need to repeat the process from step number 2. This time choose a different code. 
  5. When the device found the programming code. you need to tap on the device button. This device button will save your code. For confirmation, the light will blink two times. The code is safely stored. 

Now, you have completed the process and you can operate your device. 

Why Does the Spectrum Remote Is Not Working?

  1. The first reason would be – Pairing is not done correctly

When the pairing is not done correctly, then, you may face many issues at the time of programming. It is because you have not programmed correctly. 

  1. Spectrum Cable Box Issues

In some cases, the spectrum cable box may create issues. This issue will be sorted out after troubleshooting.

  1. Broken Antenna or signal Transmitter

There might be an antenna or signal transmitter that is broken. The broke transmitter causes the issues.

  1. The Spectrum remote is not set properly

In the spectrum remote control, the menu and settings options are wide. So, this can be the reason. That, your spectrum remote is not set properly.

Troubleshooting Spectrum Remote 

  1. Switch on the spectrum cable box
  2. Press the button on the receiver. If the receiver is surrounded by objects. Remove them 
  3. Change the position of the spectrum receiver. So, it can identify the remote. 

How to Spectrum Remote UR5U 8780L Reset

  1. For setting, the spectrum remote UR5U 8780L. Press the CL+REC button and hold it. Until the remote light turns left to write three times. 
  2. This process might take up to 10 seconds. And, you have done the reset process. 


The Spectrum remote is branded and has a long life. You can purchase this remote. Through online shopping or any gadget shop near you. If in case, you have already bought the remote and tried to program it.

That does not work and the device is not responding. Then, you have to do one thing. Apply the reset method.

In this article, we will explain to you the spectrum remote UR5U 8780L reset method. This must be a 2-3 steps process. If you are having the same issue then, you must apply the steps.