List of Roku TV Codes for programming the Philips Remote

If you want Philips universal remote codes for programming the Roku television set, check out the
below table. These are the updated codes and will surely connect the Roku TV with the Philips
remote. Once you got the code, enter it and follow the programming steps correctly.

4 Digit Codes for srp2014h, Srp2017B

6001 5931 2891 6251 6171 1741 6381

4 Digit Codes for CL4

2891 1741 6171 6001

4 Digit Codes for CL5

6171 6251 6001 1741 2891 6381

4 Digit Codes for CL6

6381 6251 2891 6171 1741 6001

Program the Philips Universal Remote with the Code Search Button

The step-by-step instructions on programming the device with the Philips remote:
Step-1 Plug in your device (TV, DVD, VCR, etc.) by connecting it to the electrical socket.
Step-2 Find the ‘Setup’ key on the Philips remote. You have to press and hold this key till the red
indicator light stays on. After that, release the ‘Setup’ key.
Step-3 Insert one of the 4-digit codes from the code table above.
Step-4 To keep your device on, click several buttons to check if the device responds or not. If it
responds properly, you got a valid code for your device.
Step-5 Then, repeat the steps from 1 to 4 for other gadgets that you want to set up with the Philips
Step-6 When the code is valid, the red light indicator goes off.
Step-7 For an incorrect code, the red light indicator blinks first and then shuts off. Here, you have to
reach Setup mode again and add a new remote code.
Step-8 If some of the buttons do not operate your device, try out other codes for your brand.

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