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Roku TV is a popular streaming service that provides customers with on-demand access to hundreds of films and TV episodes. If you have Comcast as your cable provider, you may find it difficult to manage your Roku TV with the Comcast remote.

in this article, we will provide you the step by step guide to programming your remote control to work with your Roku tv

here we will also provide a roku tv Comcast code list to program your remote control

5-digit codes for Digital Adapter Remote11602 12360 10885 10706 14398 12049 12434 11756
5-digit codes for Digital Adapter Remote11756
4 digit codes 1756
5 digit codes11756

Program the Philips Universal Remote (Without Code Method)

You can still program the Philips universal remote if you lost the codes. Check out the instructions
Step-1 Switch on the television or other device that you want to set up with the Philips remote. You
have to manually do this till you program the Philips remote.
Step-2 On the Philips remote, search the Setup or Code Search button. The button which your
remote has will depend on the Philips remote you are using. This button will be of different
colors or labeled.
Step-3 Hold either the Code Search or Setup button for about ten seconds. The light of the remote will start blinking if your remote has a light. If it does not, you have to count to 10 and
release the button.
Step-4 Tap on the TV key on the Philips remote for programming the TV set.
Step-5 Click on either the Up or Down channel key of the remote. Continue to press the button till the TV channel changes. Once the channel changes, tap on the Power key of the Philips
remote to switch off the TV. Now, your Philips universal remote is programmed for your TV.