Program Your Samsung Remote with Our Samsung Remote Codes List

Did you know the Samsung universal remote codes? Here, we will provide you with the best code for Samsung tv. There are many remote codes available on the internet. In this post, you will see only the currently valid Samsung remote control codes.

We will discuss the topic but first, make sure you follow each given step of this post. First, check if the remote control is working or not. Then, ensure which device you want to connect with the universal remote. Here, we are discussing Samsung tv.

As we said, we are providing the best remote code for you, so you can choose any one of them. When you have chosen the remote code that can help you pair with the device. Then, the next thing you can do is follow the instructions. You don’t need to worry about instructions.

We have given the instructions below which are easy to do. You just need to follow the exact procedure so you can program correctly. First, select your device code and then follow up the instructions. Now, let’s get into the below table to find the remote code.

Samsung remote control codes

The listing of remote code for Samsung tv is listed below. There are many remote codes available in 3, 4, and 5 digits on the internet. But, we have provided only the 3-digit remote codes here as we have mentioned in the topic itself. 

The remote codes are valid and currently available for programming. You can use any code but ensure the chosen code is acceptable to your device. That’s how you can program your Samsung tv with the universal remote. 

After selecting the remote code. You can learn the process and start processing. Now, find your 4-digit code for Samsung tv. 


GE Universal Remote Setup Code for Samsung TV


One-For-All Remote Setup Code for Samsung TV


Samsung TV 5-digit Setup Code


How to Program Samsung TV With the Universal Remote

If you want to learn the procedure to program your Samsung tv. Then, we have shared 2 methods here. One is using the code method (manually) and the second one is without the code method. Check out the methods below 

Manual Method to Program Samsung TV

First, you need to ensure that your Samsung tv and the universal remote work properly. Check the remote batteries to confirm that the remote control is ready to program.

  1. Here, we are using Samsung tv. So, turn on the Samsung tv.
  2. Point the remote control facing toward the Samsung tv (device).
  3. Tap and hold the “tv” option on your remote control.
  4. Then, after a moment the light will turn on.
  5. When the light is turned on, enter the digit code holding the “tv” option. 
  6. The power button light will turn on which means your code is correct and you have programmed it. 

Note: if the entered remote code is not correct, try some other code to program. (Many codes are listed in the table).

Without Code Method to Program Samsung TV

This method is used to program when the remote code is not found. Only the correct remote code can connect the device signal with the remote control. So, if the first method does not apply to you then, this method must be suitable for you. Let’s learn the process

  1. First, press and hold the “SET” option on your remote control. 
  2. By Pressing the “set” key, press the “zero key” four times. 
  3. In the next step, press the “on” key for a second and release for a second. You have to continue the same process unless your Samsung TV turns off.
  4. After the device shut down press any one OK or ENTER key. That’s it.

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