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Are you searching for a program dish remote to Samsung Tv Codes? Here, we will provide you with all the codes which are under the Samsung Tv code list. The 4 Digit dish pairing code for Samsung tv is covered in the below table.

To program, a dish remote to a Samsung Tv. You need to follow the procedure with a dish pairing code for Samsung TVs. The dish remote and the Samsung tv can be the best match. In this article, we will discuss how to program dish remote to Samsung tv with code lists. So, you don’t need to move to other websites in search of remote codes and instructions.

You have to select a corresponding code, which means a code that matches your device brand name. As we said, you can find the code and follow the instructions to program. If any of the code is not responding then you can try. Without using the code method. We will also discuss How to program the dish remote to Samsung tv without code. If one method is not working for you then, you can choose the second method. First of all, you need to select a code for pairing and programming. Now, let’s get into the table of remote codes and search for your code.

Dish Pairing Code For Samsung Tv

In the below, we have given the 4 Digit dish pairing code for Samsung Tv. Have a look at the code section and pick any one code. A code that is suitable to your device. Note down your selected code in a paper. While programming, you don’t need to scroll if you note down. Get the program dish remote to Samsung Tv codes.


A step-by-step guide to programming Dish Remote to Samsung TV

  1. Start with switching on the Samsung Tv. Also, check the dish remote. If the dish remote is in control or not. If it shows any kind of issue, you replace the remote batteries. Still, if you face a problem with the remote control, buy a new dish remote.
  2. Facing the dish remote control to the Tv. Press the device button. Select the device that you want to operate using the dish remote. 
  3. Press the SETUP button on the remote. A light will flash and your device is in learning mode.
  4. Now, enter the selected code and make sure that you have entered the digit correctly.
  5. After entering the code, turn off the Samsung Tv
  6. When the device (TV) turns off that means. You have successfully entered the code and you can enjoy operating your device. 
  7. When the device did not turn off. Then, you entered the wrong code. 
  8. If you have entered the wrong code, then repeat the process. Select the next code and re-do the process. You can even repeat the process unless you find the correct code.

Hopefully, this will help you to pair your dish remote with a Samsung tv. First understand the method then, start programming. 

How to program dish remote to Samsung tv without code

  1. Point the dish remote to the device that you want to program 
  2. Press and hold the device button. TV, DVD, or AUX button it depends on which device you are using.
  3. Press the button and after 10 seconds. All 4 mode buttons will turn on the light. Release the button and the light will blink.
  4. Press the power button on the dish remote. The blinking light will become stable. That means the remote is ready for further process
  5. Press the “UP” directional button on your remote to place the code.
  6. You have to press the same “UP” directional button every few seconds. Unless the Tv turns off. When the tv is switched off that means the device found its code. 
  7. Press the # button on the remote and the device code will be saved. The mode button will flash a light for confirmation that the code is saved. 

The device itself will display all the codes of your brand name. When you find the right code and the Tv turns off. Turn on the Tv and check if the remote keys are working properly.