Samsung is one of the well-known names for the best-quality electronic gadgets worldwide. However, with every Samsung electronics appliance like audio and video, you are just provided with the standard remote to perform the specific operation.

However, you can use the Universal remote control to operate multiple Samsung products like TV, Blu-ray, CD or DVD players, and more. It is a helpful device that can perform the functions of many audio and video devices at the same time.

This guide, ” Samsung Blu-Ray Remote Control Codes,” will walk you through the complete step-by-step procedure to program the Samsung Blu-ray remote. It is a simple task that even a novice can perform without assistance.

👉 How to Get Samsung TV Universal Remote Control Codes

First, let’s start the process by finding the correct remote code for your Samsung Blu-ray remote from the code list given below.

Complete List of Samsung Blu Ray Remote Control Codes

All Universal Remote Codes compatible with the Samsung Blu-Ray Player Remote are available here. Choose your code wisely based on the kind of code supported remotely. If the code cannot be used remotely, try an alternate code.

Samsung Blu-Ray Code for GE Remote

A GE remote supports a Blu-Ray player for operating your brand televisions. You will need codes if you have a Samsung Blu-Ray player and want a GE universal remote to program it. To get that code, prefer the given table and choose the right GE universal remote code for your brand device.


List of Samsung AK59 Remote Codes for Vizio TV

The Samsung AK59 universal remote is useful to control various brand devices like TV, DVDs, Audio player, Network satellite receiver, and so on. If your TV is of Vizio brand, get the Samsung AK59 remote codes for programming your Samsung AK59 remote control.


Samsung Blu-Ray Codes for Philips Remote

You must enter a remote code for programming the universal remote. A compatible code is essential if you have the Philips universal remote for controlling your Samsung Blu-Ray player. Look at the list below to find the best Philips remote codes for your device brand.


List of Samsung Blu-Ray DVD Player Remote Codes

If you are using a universal remote to operate your Samsung Blu-Ray DVD player, get the best matching codes below. Choose the right code from the list of Samsung Blu-Ray DVD player remote codes to program your device.

Samsung DVD Remote Control 4 Digit Codes


Samsung DVD Remote Control 5 Digit Codes


Samsung Blu-Ray Remote Codes 3 Digit


Samsung Blu-Ray 4 Digit Remote Code


Samsung Blu-Ray 5 Digit Remote Code


Samsung Blu-Ray Code for GE Remote Control

An RCA universal remote is functional and supports all brand devices. If your device is a Samsung Blu-Ray player and you are searching for a code to program it, then look at the list below. Select the correct RCA universal remote code for setting up your device.


Codes for a Samsung Blu-Ray Disc Player on a DirecTV Remote Control

The most famous code to program a DirecTV remote for operating with a Samsung Blu-Ray disc player is. The other common working codes include


Universal remote code for Samsung blu ray player programming instructions

Step 1. First you turn on your samsung television device.

[Tips: Check that the electrical connections and cables are properly attached to your device.]

Step 2. Now you have to point your Universal remote for samsung blu ray player towards the specific device.

[Tips: You need to make sure that no object is blocking the sensor of your device.]

Step 3. You need to press the specific device button from your universal remote.

[Tips: In this case you need to press the TV button as you are programming your Universal remote for your Samsung television.]

Step 4. In this step you need to press and hold the setup button from your universal remote.

[Tips: You need to press and hold the button until the LED light on your universal remote flashes.]

Step 5. Now enter the specific programming code from your universal remote through the remote’s numeric buttons.

[Tips: You can choose specific programming code from Universal remote code list for samsung blu ray player mentioned in this article.]

Step 6. Press and hold the power button on the remote to save the programming.

[Tips: Hold the power button until your device turns off.]

Step 7. If your device does not turn off despite pressing the power button, it indicates that your programming was not successful. In this case, you need to repeat the process from Step 3 to Step 6 and enter the new code to do the programming.

[Tips: You can follow the same procedure to apply different programming codes from Universal remote code list for samsung blu ray player section of this article to find programming code suitable for your device.]

How to set up a Samsung Blu-Ray Universal Remote without Codes

A Blu-Ray player is an input source for a TV or home theatre. All TV brands can be controlled with a Samsung Blu-Ray universal remote when linked with the correct code. Samsung deals with 3-digit, 4-digit, and 5-digit universal Blu-Ray remote codes. In this post, you will get all the codes for all smart TVs. However, you can also program your Samsung Blu-Ray player without codes.

All the universal remote codes are scanned in the remote control in the auto-search process. The process includes scanning one code at a particular time to search for the correct code. This code is then used for programming the remote control. Check the user guide below:

  • Make the device that you want to program. Then, activate the remote and press the gadget key for about 3 seconds. The LED light of the remote indicates the gadget is ready to program.
  •  Hold the remote to the device and tap on the channel buttons. The remote will try to show the on/off signals. After that, try to move the channels and verify the remote’s programming condition.
  •  Press the gadget key and save the code. The LED light of the appliance will flash two times to check the code storage.

How to program the Samsung Blu-ray remote using the top two methods?

Programming the remote is a task that is very easy for people who need to be more technical. You must follow the procedure and enter the correct Samsung Blu-ray player remote code. And if you program a SamsungTV remote for a Blu-ray player, it can be used ideally to run your smart device.

#Method1: Using the Keycode 

With the help of a key code method, you can easily program the Samsung Blu-ray Universal Remote and detect the component model used.

  1. “Turn on” the device.
  2.  Tap “TV” under “Samsung Blu-ray Universal Remote.”
  3.  Now click and hold the “Setup Button” of the Universal Remote until the “light flashes” (this indicates the Learning Mode).
  4.  Now enter the “Keycode” you got from the list above.
  5.  Once the process is complete, press and holds the “Point remote on TV” and the “Power” button.
  6.  Release the “power button” when the screen is off.

#Method2: Manual Approach

Step -1 Hold the “Universal Remote Control” device in front of the device you want to replace.

Step -2 Click “Setup Key” or “Magic.”

Step -3 Enter the “code” from the list above.

Step -4 Tap any function key you want to “program.” For example- increase the TV volume.

Step -5 Now touch and hold the respective buttons on “Original Remote Controller.”

Step -6 Eventually, the light will “flash,” which means the program has been saved successfully.

Step -7 The “TV Volume Up” button is stored on the Universal Remote, and you can use the Volume Up control.

How to unlock the Region Code on a Samsung Blu-Ray Player?

Follow the instructions with the help of a Samsung Blu-Ray remote:

Turn on Samsung Blu-Ray Disc BD-J5700 and remove the disc from the tray. Now, close the tray. Click the Black button below the Yellow “C” button. Press the numerical code (7-6-8-8-4) or region code. The current region code will appear at the top left of the screen.

How to make Blu-Ray Player Region Free?

First, switch on your DVD or Blu-Ray player; there should be no disc inside. With the help of a remote, browse through the settings and search the info, Setup, or Preferences. Choose the region code from the list and kick back.

Is your Samsung Blu-Ray Player Multi-Region?

Both the Blu-Ray discs and disc player are coded by region. The Samsung Blu-Ray disc player will play all region A and region-free BDs along with region 1 DVDs.


In this article, you learned how the Samsung Blu-Ray player operates when linked with the matching code for the device brand. Get the best compatible codes for your Samsung Blu-Ray player in the above guide. Please share this information with everyone, and if any doubts, write to us.