Do you want to know the universal remote codes for your device brand? In this article, the remote codes are listed. There are unique remote codes for different brands. If you’re looking for one for all remote codes then, this article is all about one for all remote codes URC 3021. The program codes are available in 3-digit, 4-digit, and 5-digit according to the brand device. The remote codes are also shown in the guideline paper. However, If you don’t have that code list. You can search in the following table. 

Remote or program codes are necessary to connect the universal remote with the device. So, I bring here all the valid remote codes. The below listing ones for all remote codes are tested by our team. You have to search for one particular code suitable to your device brand. Then, you have to place the selected key code.

To enter the key code, you have to prepare instructions. The programming instruction, to activate the universal remote with the device is given below. The step-by-step process can be easy for you to program. Follow the given instructions effectively, to enter the remote code and program and control it. 

When you could not find the exact remote code then, comment down your brand device. Our team will search for your code and let you know. If you find any difficulty at the time of programming. You can clear your doubts by commenting below.

If you’re looking for some other brand remote codes for your favourite device? Then, don’t forget to visit our website. On this website, we share all the branded universal remote codes with the guidelines. If you’re someone who is looking for some universal remote codes then, you can comment on the device and brand name.

List of One For All Remote Codes (URC 3021)

The following table contains one for all remote codes URC 3021. Check all the remote codes and select one of your brand name codes. After selecting the remote code, you can enter it on a particular device. Follow the given instruction to enter the device code on your device. 

To complete the processing, it will take more or less 5 minutes. The simple 7 steps have to be done effectively to program. Stick to the procedure until you complete the process and operate the device using a universal remote. 

Brand Code
Pulsar 0000
Panasonic 0107 , 0000
GoldStar 0144
Director 0476
Toshiba 0000
Sony 1006
Bell South 0899
Memorex 0000
Pace 0237
Hamlin 0009
Pioneer 1877, 0533 0144, 0877
Philips 0317 , 0305
Runco 0000
Zenith0525 , 0000, 0899
Supercable 0276
Samsung 0144
Motorola 0476 , 0276 , 0810
Paragon 0000
Americast 0899
General Instrument 0476, 0276 , 0810
Scientific Atlanta 0877, 0477 , 1877
Jerrold 0476, 0810, 0276
Quasar 0000

Programming One For All URC 3021 Remote Codes

  1. Switch on your device that you want to control and program. Ensure your remote batteries are working correctly to avoid disturbance while programming.
  1. Select the device code from the above list for programming. Make sure to select one code of your device and model name. As there are multiple codes listed for each model. 
  1. Use your remote control and press the device key, one time.
  1. Now, You have to press and hold the (SET) button, until the LED light blinks two times. After blinking, the device light remains on.
  1. Now, you can enter the key code which is corresponding to the device brand name. Use the number plate of your remote to enter the key digit.
  1. When you enter the key digit, the light will blink again (twice) and turn.
  1. Using the remote control, press the power button, and when the device, turned off. That means your remote is programmed correctly. 

When the device remains on, then you need to check remote codes. select another code from the same list and again follow up the instruction to program well.