Do you also feel bored using different remotes for each device? If yes, we will bring you a solution. The Universal remote is a single remote which helps us to operate many devices. These universal remotes are available in many brands and one of the most popular brands is GE.

The GE universal remote is used by many people and is in high demand. You need remote codes to control the devices with a universal remote. Here, we are going to discuss the same topic: GE universal remote codes for Sanyo Tv. Let’s discuss this further

The remote codes may change over time so, it’s necessary to choose the right one. In this article, we have listed all the current search codes. The remote (program) codes are tested by the team and all you have to do is to select a code. There are different codes available for each brand or model name. To insert the code, you need to follow up on the program instruction.

You don’t need to go back and search for program instructions. Because in the below section we discuss program instruction. The instructions are real and simple to do.

List of GE Universal Remote Codes Sanyo Tv

The current valid GE universal remote codes for Sanyo Tv are listed below. You have to select a code, which is suitable to your device name and model. There are multiple codes listed for each brand, you have to pick any one of them.

Once you are done with selecting a ge sanyo remote codes then, you have to start the programming process. To complete the process, might take a few minutes and you have to be more careful. Let’s see the list of ge codes for sanyo tv

GE CL5 Remote Control Codes for Sanyo TV


GE CL4 Remote Codes for Sanyo TV

1741 1161

GE CL3 Remote Codes for Sanyo TV


How to Program a GE Universal Remote to a Sanyo TV

  1. Start with turning on the device that you want to control. Like TV, DVD, VCR
  2. Press and hold the search\setup button on the GE remote and hold it till the light indicates on the device key.
  3. Tap and release the button of the device key. For DVD tap on the DVD button then the light will blink and remain on. 
  4. Enter the code that you have selected on the code list. When the code is right, the light will turn off.
  5. Lastly, press the power button, and the device will turn off and you have programmed it correctly.
  6. When the device code is wrong or incorrect then, try another. Reprogram it. you can pick another code from the code list and enter it using the same process. Start with step 2 and follow the right procedure.  

If You are any of your friends, colleagues, or relatives searching for universal remote codes. Then, you must visit our website. This website is everything on universal remote codes, methods of programming, guidelines, etc. If you have any queries regarding universal remote, comment down. 

Read this entire article and get a code with proper instructions. If you are unable to find out the correct code from the given list. Then, you should comment on your device brand and we will provide you with the right one. Also, when you could not understand the process or any step. Then, don’t forget to leave a comment so we can support you.