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Panasonic is one of the best-known brands in televisions. These television sets pair well with any
universal remotes. All you need is the correct key code that matches the brand of your programming
device. Once you got the code, insert it with the remote’s keypad and follow the programming

Here, you will get the best working Panasonic TV universal remote codes for your device.
Moreover, check out the programming steps given below which will require a few minutes to

You can use the universal remote for programming any devices of the Panasonic brand.
Not only TV, but you can control DVDs, VCRs, Audio systems, etc. So, please go through this article
and program your Panasonic TV with the one-stop universal remote control.

Notes: This blog post will provide step-by-step instructions for programming a Panasonic universal remote

Panasonic TV Universal Remote Control Codes

Panasonic Remote Setup Codes for Directv

11290 11927 10226 10650 11271 10162 11480 11946 11947 11941 11291 10250 11310 10161 10051

Panasonic Remote Setup Codes for Comcast

10145 10051 10053 10054 10250 10032 10154 10165 10047 10178 10161 10002 11919 10060 10093 10156 10162 11290 10150 11410 10055 11310 10171 10375 10226

Rca Remote Setup Codes for Panasonic

1406, 1350, 1277, 1109, 1246, 1289, 1418, 1055, 1286, 1253, 1170, 1389, 1275, 1003, 1054, 1392, 1419, 1130, 1062

Panasonic Remote Setup Codes for Philips TV

0608, 0718 0416, 0007, 0618, 0807, 0345, 0901, 0039, 0739, 0696,

Panasonic Remote Setup Codes for Dish Network

619 672 234 668 676 651 644 761 509 698 247 662 512 700 747 510 566 689 508 716 685 673 663 734 765

Magnavox Remote setup Codes For Panasonic

0029 0064 0052

Panasonic remote setup codes for Vizio TV

0374 0062 0171 0003 0170 1182 0437 0070 0054 0148 0950 0381

A Guide to Programming Your Panasonic Universal Remote

How to pair the Panasonic TV with the Universal Remote? (Auto-Programming)

The auto-programming feature is found in many universal remotes. It is an auto-search feature that
avoids the need of finding the four-digit code and entering it. The provided steps will work out on
most universal remote controls:

Step-1 Find out the model number and the brand of the device first. If you don’t find the specific
instructions online, proceed with step 2.

Step-2 You will find the Device button on the universal remote. Tap on this button and release it.
This is the corresponding button for the device (TV, DVD, VCR, etc.) that you are connecting
with the universal remote. It is located at the top of the remote.

Step-3 Press the Device button and the Power button and simultaneously hold them together. Hold
these buttons till the power light of the device switches off and then turns on again.

Step-4 Now hit the Play button and let it go. You have to wait for 5 seconds and observe the device
that you are trying to pair with the universal remote. If the device goes off, you have
successfully paired the remote with the device.

Step-5 Finally, click and leave the rewind button. This will make the device turn on again.

So, we hope, you got the complete information on programming the Panasonic TV with the help of
universal remote codes. You will get the best codes above wherein choose the compatible code for
your device.

Perform the programming instructions carefully and avoid repetition of steps. Once
paired up, you can watch unlimited programs on your Panasonic TV with the help of the universal
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