Sony Universal Remote Control Codes & Program Instructions

If you are tired of using multiple remote Control that clutters anywhere, one universal remote is the best alternative. Even the Sony universal remote will not just offer you a perfect solution but is user friendly and designed with ensured quality. Sit back, relax and follow the simple programming hints below.

Sony TV Universal Remote Codes List

Sony is a popular brand and many people prefer these brand devices in their homes. Like other TVs, Sony TV also comes with its original remote. But what if you misplace that remote or it gets destroyed? In such a situation, universal remotes can replace the original remote and control your devices.

Here, you will get various Sony TV universal remote codes with which you can program the universal remote. You need to type the correct code which is compatible with your Sony TV.

3 Digit Sony TV Remote Codes List


4 Digit Sony TV Remote Codes List


Program a Sony Universal Remote without using Codes

The auto search process scans all universal remote codes in the remote control. One code is scanned at a single time to reach out the correct remote code that works with the universal remote to program. The informative steps are as follows:

  1. Make your smart device on that you wish to program with a universal remote. Then, turn the remote on. Press the device key (TV, VCR or DVD) for 3 seconds. LED of the device denotes that it is ready to program.
  2. Aim the remote control towards the appliance and click the channel buttons. The remote will make appear the on/off signals. You have to click the up or down buttons till your device gets off.
  3. The next step is to verify the code by tapping the power key. When your device turns on, change the channels for the confirmation of the remote programming.
  4. At last, click the device key to save the code. The LED light of the equipment will blink twice for confirming the stored code.

Universal Remote Codes for Sony DVD Player

Sony devices come with their remote control but do not have many features. If you select a universal remote for operating your Sony DVD player, then it is well and good. You only need to enter a code that matches your Sony DVD player for programming the universal remote. Check for those codes in the below table.

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Sony Receiver Universal Remote Codes

A Sony receiver when connected with your TV provides a clear loud sound. It sends the video to the TV and audio to the decoder. A universal remote when linked with the code that matches the brand of your receiver can operate your TV easily. Get the Sony receiver remote codes below for controlling your brand device.

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Sony AV System Universal Remote Codes

An AV system will give you a home-theatre feeling at your home. This AV system is connected to your TV and sound bar to get a clear loud noise for watching TV content. If you are using a universal remote for programming the Sony AV system, then check for the matching codes below. Enter the right code and try to link it with your smart device.

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Sony DVD RMT-d197a Universal Remote Codes

If you have a Sony DVD RMT-d197a universal remote for controlling your smart TV, then you will need a remote code. This Sony DVD remote can control your device when connected with the correct key code. The below list consists of Sony DVD RMT-d197a remote codes wherein you can select the code matching your device model.

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Sony Blu-Ray Codes for Universal Remotes

A universal remote will need a matching remote code if you want to control a Sony Blu-Ray player. So, here, you will get the latest Sony Blu-Ray codes for programming your universal remote. Enter a code and try to program the device.

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Get the Sony Remote Codes for Vizio TV

If you are looking out for Sony remote codes for setting up your Vizio TV, check the particular code list below. Here, you will get the proper linking code for programming your Sony universal remote to the Vizio TV.

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GE Universal Remote Code For Sony TV

CL3 GE Universal Remote Codes For Sony TV:-


CL4 GE Remote codes for Sony TV


CL5 GE Remote codes for Sony TV


Sony Audio Receiver Universal Remote Codes

If you have an audio receiver connected to your television and have a universal remote to operate it, then you need some code. For an audio receiver of the Sony brand, you must have Sony audio receiver remote codes for programming the universal remote. Check for the codes below.

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The three-Digit Sony Universal Remote Codes

For your Sony TV, the 3-digit universal remote codes are given in the list. You have to choose the compatible code for programming your Sony TV with a universal remote. Test one code and if failed to program, try with another code.


The four-Digit Sony Universal Remote Codes

Choose the right code from the given list of 4-digit remote codes for your Sony TV. Here, more than one code is available for your brand TV. Check one code with programming steps and if does not work, go for another one.


Get the RCA Universal Remote Codes for Sony TV

An RCA universal remote can support your Sony TV when programmed with the right code. You need to follow the programming steps along with the correct key code to program your RCA universal remote. The below table consists of RCA universal remote codes for your Sony TV.


ONN Remote Codes For Sony TV


GE and One-for-All Remote Codes for Sony TV

A GE and One-for-All universal remote is highly functional and with a few steps can operate your brand Sony TV. This remote only need a key code that matches your Sony brand for programming the universal remote. The table below has the best GE and One-for-All remote codes for your Sony TV.

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GE & One-For-All Universal Remote Codes For Sony


Sony TV Remote Codes for Philips Universal Remote

A Philips universal remote can program your Sony TV if you enter the right code. You can choose the key code from the given list of Sony TV codes for programming your Philips universal remote. Try one code after the other till you get success in remote programming.


Magnavox Universal Remote Codes for your Sony TV

If you like to use Magnavox universal remote to program your Sony TV, you will need a remote code that matches your device brand. So, if you have a Sony TV, get the Magnavox remote codes for your Sony TV below in the table.


What is the universal Remote Code for my Sony TV?

The universal remote codes for Sony TV come in 3 and 4 digits (all-inclusive codes) and they are


Can we use a Universal Remote on a Sony TV?

The DVD key on the recently produced Sony universal remotes can be programmed to set up Blu-Ray Disc players. You can also use this same button on non-Sony universal remote controls. The programming codes and user manual for your Sony universal remote are available in this post.

How can I program my Sony Bravia Remote?

Go to the settings menu and set up the IR Blaster. Switch on the TV and check if the set-top box is connected and on. Press the ‘HOME’ button of the TV remote control. Now, select settings. Under the TV category, choose the External inputs. You have to select IR Blaster setup. Then, connect the IR Blaster and press OK.

The Remote Code for the Sony Bravia TV

You will get the remote control codes for your Sony TV right here:

RCA universal remote codes for your Sony TV:


One-for-All universal remote codes for your Sony TV:


GE universal remote codes for your Sony TV:



In this post, you will get all the universal remote codes for your Sony TV. Just enter the right code and program your universal remote for Sony TV. If you face any doubts, do connect with us.

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