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If you are someone looking to control your Sharp TV using an RCA universal remote. Then, this article is for you and if you follow our guidelines. You can quickly program and can watch your favourite shows within less time. So, now we can start a discussion on RCA universal remote codes for Sharp TV.

The universal remote can handle many devices at a time and RCA universal remote is a popular brand. This RCA remote control can work incredibly. All you have to do is to select one remote code and program them using our instructions.

There are many methods available on the internet but here we have come up with an easy and effective method. We have described a few steps that will be easy for anyone to program quickly. First, check out the RCA remote code listing for Sharp TV then, start the procedure.

Listing Of RCA Universal Remote Codes For Sharp TV

To program, you have to pick one remote code that works on your device and the remote control. As you can see there are many RCA remote codes listed in the following. So, choose from them and program your Sharp TV.

After you note down the selected remote code. Then, you have to follow the instructions to insert the remote code on your device. Make sure, you insert the correct digit so you can program them. Now, you can choose the remote code from the following table

3 digit codes (v.1)for RCU300, RCU310, RCU410, etc.

004 006 012 026 029 095 111 112 113 122 171 173 196

3 digit codes (v.2)for RCU400R3, RCU500, etc.

011 020 025 027 037 052 053 059 060 108

3 digit codes (v.3)for RCU300T, RCU404, etc.

005 008 018 020 077 083 089 097 067

4 digit codes (v.1)for RCR350, RCR450, RCR815, etc.

1004 1006 1010 1012 1026 1029 1095 1111 1112 1113 1122 1171 1173 1196 1261 1265 1357 1372 1423 1437 1443 1447

4 digit codes (v.2)for RCR612, RCR812, RCR860, etc.

1004 1006 1010 1012 1013 1040 1061 1089 1092 1093 1111

4 digit codes (v.3)for RCR412B, RCR3273/3373, etc.

1158 1182 1015 1004 1204 1007 1009 1023 1078 1083 1094 1107 1123 1125 1195

4 digit codes (v.4)for RCR804BR, RCRH02BR, etc.

0818 1756 4398 2360 1602 0093 2434 0885 2183 3183 0706 0178 1457 3519 2049 3720 0491 2402 0688 0689 0851

5 digit codes (v.1)for RCRN08GR, RCRPS02GR, etc.

12360 10818 11756 14398 10885 11457 12434 12402 13183 12183 10178 10093 12049 13720 13519

If in case you have any issues during the process or if you didn’t find the remote code for the Sharp TV. You should comment on your problem and we will help you to solve it. So, now let’s begin with searching the RCA remote code below.

Programming RCA Universal Remote Code With Sharp TV

Now, you have chosen the remote code and you are ready to program. We have mentioned the instructions for programming in the following. Once read the procedure and understand it. Without any further delay let’s program the RCA universal remote with Sharp TV.


First, switch on both the Sharp TV and RCA remote control. Make sure to plug in properly and check the remote batteries. If it is fully charged then start programming or else replace the remote batteries with new ones.


Now, use the RCA remote to press the “CH+” button along with the “TV” button for about 5 seconds.


After 5 seconds, enter the digit code you choose from the above RCA code list. Ensure you press the device button while entering the code.


Once the code is inserted then, release the device button.


Press the “power” button to turn off the TV and the TV will turn off. That means you insert the right code and you have done the process


If In case, the TV won’t turn off try to reprogram it by inserting another code from the code list table. If the Sharp TV doesn’t respond to the remote control then, try again to reprogram with another code.