In this article, we are going to discuss the program method and the RCA Remote Codes for Sony TV . The universal remote can Control multiple devices such as (TV, DVD, and soundtrack  , and this RCA universal remote also handles many devices.

Here, we are going to connect it with the Sony TV. RCA universal remote code for Sony TV is the main topic for today. Now, let’s get into our topic

The RCA remote control is a well-known brand and Sony TV is also the most popular in the market. The combination of both RCA and the Sony brand can help you to program easily using the remote control code.

So, follow each step of the programming method that we have given below to operate Sony TV using RCA universal remote control.

To program, the universal remote and the device need remote codes to connect. There are various remote codes for various brands. In each brand, there will be several codes and you can choose according to your RCA remote and the Sony TV brand/model name. For more information, you can read below and we can start the processing now.

Rca Universal Remote Codes List 4 Digit & Setup Guide

RCA Remote Codes for Sony TV

Here, we can find out the RCA Remote Codes for Sony TV. You have to choose according to your brand/model name and program your Sony TV. You can pick any one RCA Remote Codes for Sony TV from the following code list.


There are multiple remote codes for the RCA remote in the above and you can also note down the code that you have chosen for the RCA remote control. So, it will be easy for you to insert the RCA remote code into the Sony TV quickly.

Steps to program the RCA universal remote control with Sony TV 

Here, we have given a few simple steps that you must follow to program the RCA universal remote with Sony TV. Let’s see what steps to be followed for programming Sony TV.


Start with turning on the TV and the RCA remote control. Check the RCA remote control is in working mode and ready to program with your Sony TV. 


The next step is to hold on to the “code search” button on the remote control and wait until the remote light appears.


You have to press the “TV” button to control the Sony TV using the RCA universal remote.


Now, you have to enter the RCA universal remote code for Sony TV from the code list table.


The light will turn off when the RCA remote code is correct.


Press the “power” button to turn on your RCA universal remote control. 


When the entered RCA remote code is incorrect. Then, you need to try another remote code from the given code list, and even if you face any issues then, feel free to comment below. We are here to help you find your RCA Remote Codes for Sony TV and to program them.