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If you have a Comcast remote for controlling the Insignia TV, you will require specific codes for
programming the remote. This post will help you to get the latest Insignia remote codes for
Comcast to complete the programming.

Once you will have the correct key code, then with a few simple steps, you can finish the programming process. A Comcast remote is so useful that with a single remote, you can manage many devices in your home entertainment center. No need to jumble up with different remote controls for operating various devices.

So, it is better to switch to this remote control and make use of this post for getting the right codes.

Moreover, you will also come across Insignia remote codes for Xfinity here. Xfinity remotes are also
highly functional and have many features. So, whatever remote you use, it is essential to enter the
perfect codes. Read this article and program your smart device for enjoying unlimited programs.

List of Comcast Remote Codes for setting up the Insignia TV

If you are searching for the Insignia TV codes for programming the Comcast remote, you will get
them in the below table. You have to check them one by one and find the matching code for the

Once you got the proper code, enter it and follow the programming steps. So, find the
compatible code for Insignia TV from the given list of Insignia TV codes for Comcast.


Program your Comcast Remote with the Insignia Television

You have to carry out the following steps for programming the Comcast remote control with Insignia

Step-1 Initially, turn on your Insignia TV.
Step-2 Find the TV button on the remote and press and release it.
Step-3 Tap on the Setup button on the Comcast remote and hold it till the TV button flashes two
Step-4 You will get the four-digit codes above. You have to insert one of the four-digit codes from
the code list. This will make the TV buttons blink twice.
Step-5 Finally, click on the Power button by aiming the Comcast remote at the TV. If the TV goes
off, you end up programming the remote. If the TV does not shut off, follow the
programming again by using a different code from the code list till the TV turns off.

Program the Insignia TV to an Xfinity Comcast Remote Control

The detailed step-by-step programming for Insignia TV with the Xfinity Comcast remote:
Step-1 Turn on the Insignia TV that you will be programming with the Xfinity Comcast remote
control. Make sure that the batteries are working or not.
Step-2 Note down all the codes for your TV first so it will be easy to enter when needed.
Step-3 On the Xfinity Comcast remote control, click on the Setup key till the LED light on the top of
the remote changes from red to green.
Step-4 Insert the 4 or 5-digit code for the device with the help of the number keys on your remote.
Step-5 If the entered code is correct, the LED light of the remote will flash twice. You have to watch
out for the signals to verify that the programming has worked.
Step-6 After finishing the process, you have to aim the Xfinity Comcast remote towards the Insignia
TV. Now, press and hold down the Power key of the remote.
Step-7 Leave the Power key when the Insignia TV turns off completely.
Step-8 If the appliance turns off that means the programming has worked out. To verify again,
switch on the TV and use any keys of the remote. You can confirm the programming if it
follows the commands.
Step-9 If the TV does not follow the remote commands, repeat the same process with another code
from the above code list.
In this blog, you got the idea of how to program the Comcast remote and the Xfinity Comcast
remote with the Insignia TV by adding the right key codes.

The lists of codes are mentioned above wherein you have to select the perfect one for your device. After adding the code, carry out the programming instructions correctly. Share this information with your relatives and colleagues so that they will also get benefit from this blog.