What Are Jvc Tv’s Universal Remote Codes & Program Guide

JVC TV Universal Remote Codes and Programming User Manual

The advanced JVC TV remote control has many features that can easily control your brand TV. You can switch the channels and adjust the volume of your device with this remote control. With this JVC remote, the channels can be programmed, the plus and minus buttons are also programmed for particular channels, which can return if scanned through a channel. By programming this remote, you can save your favorite channels as favorites. The JVC TV remote control can be programmed to the next level.

The 3-Digit JVC TV Universal Remote Codes

A JVC TV universal remote can be programmed with a three-digit remote code. You should enter the correct matching code with the JVC TV to program the universal remote of the JVC TV. The list of 3-digit universal remote codes for JVC television is given in the below table. Check the table code list and find the right code for your brand device.

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The 4-Digit JVC TV Universal Remote Codes

If you are using a JVC TV, the 4-digit codes for programming the universal remote control are mentioned below. You have to find the right code from the list and connect the universal remote with the JVC TV. If the first programming code fails to work out, check with another one.

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The 5-Digit JVC TV Universal Remote Codes

The JVC TV universal remote can support 5-digit codes to program your JVC TV. You can easily get the right code from the list of 5-digit JVC TV codes given below. Try one code and go through the programming steps. If you fail to get the remote programming, check out another code from the list.

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JVC TV Remote Codes for RCA Universal Remote

JVC is a top brand TV and is found in many houses. It normally has its remote control but does not contain many features. It is better to choose an RCA universal remote for programming your JVC TV. But a remote code should be entered to get the correct programming for your device. You have to check the table below for the JVC TV codes for your RCA remote.

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JVC TV Programming Codes for a GE Universal Remote

If your universal remote choice is a GE remote, it is well and good because this remote can handle multiple gadgets of your home at one time. The only thing is to enter the right programming code to connect the JVC TV with the GE universal remote.  You will get those GE remote matching codes for your JVC TV right here.

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The One-for-All Universal Remote Codes for JVC Television

A One-for-All universal remote when linked with the compatible code for the JVC TV can program your smart device.  The compatible One-for-All remote codes for JVC TV are mentioned in this user manual. Find the right code and pair your JVC TV with your One-for-All universal remote.

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The JVC TV Codes for a Philips Universal Remote Control

If you want to control your JVC TV with a Philips universal remote, then you will get the linking codes right here. The below code list consists of Philips universal remote codes for your JVC TV. You have to find the right code and program your Philips universal remote.

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Get the Magnavox Universal Remote Codes for JVC Television

If you own a JVC television at your home, use a Magnavox universal remote for programming the device. You will get the best Magnavox universal remote codes for programming your JVC TV right on this page. Try one code and then another till you find the right compatible code for your JVC TV.

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JVC TV’s Universal Remote 5 Digit Codes

12049, 11670,

11349, 12463,

11245, 107311

10169, 17706

11892, 12859

13829, 10053

12561, 10683

14808, 12265,

10463, 19405,

14273, 18016,

12811, 13650,

10650, 10053

10069, 10160

1193, 11774

RCA Universal Remote Codes For JVC TV

1159, 1063,

1054, 1285,

1065, 1066

1012, 1055

1182, 1157

1067, 1396

1269, 1430

1393, 1239

1060, 1123

1158, 1013

GE Universal Remote Codes For JVC TV

0923 , 0069

0065 , 0060

0197 , 0026

0067 , 0247

0141 , 0012

One For All Remote Codes JVC TV

0065 , 0069

0923 , 0247

0026 , 0067

0060 , 0197

0012 , 0141

Philips Universal Remote Codes For JVC TV

0993 , 0321

0802 , 0308

0108 , 0204

0607 , 0326

0715 , 0508

Magnavox Universal Remote Codes For JVC TV

0038 , 0053

How will you program your JVC TV Universal Remote without any Codes?

In the automatic searching process, all the universal remote control codes are scanned in the remote. It scans a single remote code for one time to get the right programming code that connects the remote with the JVC TV. Check out the programming steps here:

  • Turn on your smart JVC TV that you wish to program with a universal remote.
  • After turning on the remote control, hit the device button for the television (TV) for 3 seconds. The LED light flashes out which confirms the device is ready to program.
  • Place your universal remote to the JVC TV and tap on the Channel up or down buttons. Now, the remote will display the ON/OFF signals. Repeatedly, press the up or down buttons until the JVC TV gets off.
  • After that, confirm the programming code by pressing the ‘Power’ button. The television will turn on. If it starts, try to switch the channels to check the remote’s programming condition.
  • Find the device button and press it for saving the code. The LED light of the device will flash twice and you can confirm the stored code.

How can I program a JVC DVD Remote Control to work with my TV?

JVC DVD universal remote controls can support different TV brands so that both the device components can be switched on and off with a single remote control. The JVC user guide consists of code lists for most TV brands to make the programming simple by getting the right code in the user manual and entering the 3-digit code into the JVC DVD remote.

  • Find the 3-digit TV code matching the TV brand from the index of the JVC owner’s guide.  If the owner’s guide is not available, check out the code table to locate the correct matching code of that specific brand of TV.
  • Press the ‘TV’ power key on the top of the remote control and hold it down.
  • Go to the ‘Control’ section of buttons on the remote and press the ‘TV’ button. Release the button afterwards.
  • Enter the 3-digit code for that particular TV model using the remote keypad. Then, leave the ‘TV’ power button. Click it once more to check the programming. The brand TV should turn on and off when you press the ‘TV’ key.

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