The Comcast Xfinity Universal Remote is a remote control that can be set up to work with various devices in your home entertainment system, such as your TV, cable box, audio system, and streaming devices. This means you can control these parts with just one remote. In the programming mode of the remote, you can enter a code that only works with a particular brand and model of the device. 

This will teach the remote how to control that device. Once it’s been set up, the Comcast Xfinity Universal Remote lets you turn devices on and off, change channels, change the volume, and do many other things with the buttons on the remote. Some Comcast Xfinity Universal Remote versions have extra features, like using voice commands to control devices or connecting to the internet to watch streaming videos. These additional features are not on any other versions of the remote.

Are you looking for the codes for the Comcast Xfinity universal remote? Need help setting up your device with the universal remote that comes with your Comcast Xfinity package? There’s no reason to worry about it! You have, thank goodness, come to the right place. On this page of our website, you can find the 3 Digit, 4 Digit, and 5 Digit codes for all devices you may have in your home.

Most of the time, the following steps are needed to program a Comcast remote control so that it works with your device:

Find the remote code for the thing you want to control. Comcast’s website lists remote codes that can be used with many devices. You could also look for the code on the manufacturer’s website if you want to try something else.

  • Start up the thing whose settings you will change with the remote.
  • Hold down the “Setup” button on the Comcast remote until it flashes twice, then let go of the control.
  • Type in the code for your device using the number buttons on the Comcast remote.
  • Press the “Power” button to make sure the code is correct. If the code is put in right, the device should turn off. If the code is entered wrong, the gadget will not do anything.
  • If the code is wrong, you will have to repeat the steps with a new code for your device. You might only find a code that works if you try a few different ones first.

If you can’t find a valid code that can be used in the app, you can use the “Code Search” option. Here’s what you need to do to use this function:

  • Wait for the light to flash twice while holding the “Setup” button.
  • You need to press the “TV” button and let go of it.
  • You need to press the “Power” button and let go of it. The remote will try to find a code that works with your device.
  • You can save the code by pressing the “Enter” button after the device has been turned off.

If you still need help setting up the remote to work with your device, you should call Comcast’s customer service for more help.

Comcast TV Code List

Comcast Remote Setup Codes 4 Digit


Comcast Remote Setup Codes 5 Digit

Brand NameCode
Samsung10812, 10060
Panasonic10051, 10250
LG10178, 11265
Toshiba10156, 11156
Sony10000, 11100
Sharp10093, 10165
Sanyo10154, 10159
Vizio11758, 11756

Polaroid Remote Codes Comcast


Comcast Remote Setup Codes Samsung

Latest Samsung TV Universal Remote Control Codes


Comcast Vizio Remote Setup Codes


Comcast Remote Codes Lg TV


Comcast Xfinity Remote Setup Codes


How to Set Up a Universal Remote Without Codes for Comcast

When you use the “auto search” method, the universal remote does its internal scanning, which lets it look up any code. It works by scanning one code at a time to find the correct remote code for your remote so that you can program the control. Please follow the instructions given below:

  • Turn on the electronic device, like a TV, that you want the universal remote to control.
  • After you have “turned on” the remote control, tap the device button for three seconds. The LED light will turn on when the thing is ready to be programmed.
  • You must point the remote at the device and click the “CH+” and “CH-” buttons. The remote shows whether something is on or off. Keep pressing down on either the “up” or “down” key until the device turns off.
  • Press the “power” key to make sure the code is correct. The thing should turn on. You can test to see if the remote is set up right by changing the channel, even if it does start.
  • The code may now be saved by pressing the “device” button. When the Device’s LED blinks twice, you know it’s verified the stored code.

How to use the Code Search to program a universal remote control for Comcast

If you couldn’t find the key code that works with the device at the time, you could set your universal remote to a search mode to find it. A legend in the manual will put the remote into search mode.

  • Verify that “The Device Is Turned On.”
  • Now, press and hold the “Setup” button.
  • Enter the three-digit code that starts with “9-9-1.”
  • Now, press and hold the “Power” button on the remote until the device, which is your TV, “Turns Off.” Then press and keep pressing the “Channel Up” button.
  • Finding your key code is significant, but following the steps above might take extra work. After you’ve done all the steps above, you should be able to use your remote to control everything inside the device.

Resetting a Comcast Digital Remote Control

Comcast’s remotes for their digital cable boxes may be universal remotes that can control many different devices. This is the case with a TV, stereo receiver, and DVD player. The remote may need a new code if any of these parts have been changed. If you’re having trouble entering a code into the remote, you can reset it to how it came out of the box.

Reset an account

  • Step 1 It’s time to put new batteries in the remote because the old ones are dead. When the batteries are brand new, you can be sure that the remote will work at its best.
  • Step 2 Next, hold the “Setup” button for at least three seconds.
  • Step 3 when the light on the remote blinks twice in a row, type the number 980 into the keypad on the remote. When the LED blinks four times, the remote will reset itself.
  • Step 4 If you need to reset more than one Comcast remote before you can use it, just follow the steps above for each one.

Restoring the default setting

  • Step 1 Before the light on the remote starts to blink twice, you have to hold down the “Setup” button for at least three seconds.
  • Step 2 You need to use the keypad to type the number 981. After the instruction is done, if the light blinks four more times, it means the device has been reset.
  • Step 3  follow these steps again to reset the factory settings on any other Comcast remotes you may need.