How to Program a Comcast Remote Using Comcast TV Code

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We all know that all electronic devices come with remote control. Even Comcast devices come with remote control. However, managing multiple remotes is a tough task, and finding the right remote control for your particular devices like a TV or DVD at the right time can be difficult in daily life. But, here is a perfect solution with Comcast TV Code. Instead of using multiple remotes, using a single Comcast Universal Remote for all your Comcast devices is easy. All you need to program your Comcast Universal Remote with your Comcast TV or any other device.

The extra remote could be a Universal Remote that can control all your Comcast devices without any hassle. These Universal Remote are programmed with the help of Comcast Universal Remote Codes. Once you have programmed the Comcast Universal Remote via Comcast TV Code, the Comcast Universal Remote is ready to use.

Comcast TV Code List

Comcast Universal Remote 4 Digit Codes


Comcast Remote Codes 5 Digit

Brand NameCode
Samsung10812, 10060
Panasonic10051, 10250
LG10178, 11265
Toshiba10156, 11156
Sony10000, 11100
Sharp10093, 10165
Sanyo10154, 10159
Vizio11758, 11756

Polaroid TV Remote Code Comcast


Comcast Remote Codes for Samsung TV

Latest Samsung TV Universal Remote Control Codes


Comcast Remote Codes for Vizio TV


Comcast Remote Codes for Lg TV


Xfinity Remote Code for Samsung TV


Below are the two methods available to program your Comcast Universal Remote via Comcast Universal Remote Codes.

Programming a Comcast Remote

We can easily program a Universal Remote by using Comcast Universal Remote Codes given above in the list. The keycode has been identified by Comcast TV and programming is completed. Here are the steps below:

  • Power on the Comcast TV or any other device you need to “Turn The Device On”
  • Press the “TV” button on the Comcast TV universal remote. Press and hold the “Setup button” on the Remote. A “Light Flash” will be shown by the remote.
  • Subsequently, enter the “Keycode” available in the list above.
  • After this procedure, point the Comcast Universal Remote at the TV” and then the “Press And Hold The Power” button
  • Release the “Power Button” after the screen switches off.
  • Finally, your Comcast Universal Remote has been programmed. Your device will perfectly work with the TV. If the device does not work, then you can try another code and follow the same steps given above.

Comcast Remote Programming Without Codes?

  • “Switch On” the Comcast smart device like “TV” that you want to program with the Universal Remote.
  • “Turn on” the remote, tap on the TV button or any other device like DVD, or CBL for 3 seconds. The blinking LED shows that the device is ready to program.
  • After that, point the remote to the device and press the “CH+” & “CH-” switches. The Comcast Universal Remote will show on/off signals. Now, press the “up” or “down” key, and the device will turn off.
  • Now, test the code by switching on Comcast TV by the Universal Remote. After pressing the Power button, the Comcast TV should turn on. If it starts, change the channel and verify the working of the Comcast Universal Remote.
  • Finally, tap the “device” button to save the code. The LED of Comcast TV will blink twice to confirm that the code is stored.

Note: If your TV shows an error while you switch it on with your remote, then try another code and repeat the above steps.

How can you Program Comcast Universal Remote With Code Search?

  • Switch on the Comcast TV.
  • Press and hold the “Setup” button. Now, enter the 9-9-1 code.
  • After that, hold down the “Power Button” on the Universal Remote and press the Channel up them until the Comcast TV turns off.
  • This method will surely take some extra time but it is mandatory to find the correct keycode. Once you have finished performing all the steps, the Universal Remote will be programmed without any inconvenience.

Comcast Remote Programming for a Comcast Cable Box

Usually, all Comcast cable boxes come with their remote controls when they are hired by Comcast. By default, the remote control is configured to operate a cable box, an RCA VCR, and an RCA TV. If you have a TV, DVD or VCR player at the home of some other brand, you can program the remote again to control the basic functions of your gadgets.

Step 1 Plug on the device that you wish to program the remote with.
Step 2 Press the button of the device (TV) on the remote and hold down the “Setup” button till the device button blinks two times.
Step 3 Tap the code “9” “9” “1” to start the search process. Your device button will once again flash twice.
Step 4 Place the remote pointing to the device that you would be programming. Then, press the device and power buttons alternatively. Continue alternating till your device goes to off mode.
Step 5 Again, press the ‘Setup’ key when your device shuts off for saving the code to the remote. The remote control is ready to operate your brand device. Repeat this method for other gadgets that you would like to program.

Programming a Comcast Remote to my Samsung TV?

If you are operating many devices, that means using many remotes at a time. It is very hectic to use multiple remotes for controlling all the electronic gadgets at your home. Thanks to Comcast subscribers who have the solution for programming multiple devices with one single remote. If your coffee table is filled up with many remote controls, then programming a Comcast remote for your Samsung smart TV and Cable box will help to clear up the mess.

The Manual Method for Entering Device Codes

Step 1 You have to search for the TV programming code in the instructions booklet. You can go through the Comcast Custom DVR 3-Device remote guide to receive the codes for your Samsung televisions which are 10766, 10812, and 10814. The codes for other Samsung TVs are 10060, 10702, 10030, 10812, 11060, 10814, 10766, and 11903.

Step 2 Switch on your smart TV. You can place the power button in a variety of areas, though usually, it is on the front panel.

Step 3 Press the device (TV) button on the remote control.
Step 4 Press and hold the ‘Setup’ button until the device (TV) button flashes two times.
Step 5 Use the number pad on the remote to enter the first 5-digit code. The button of the device will blink twice.
Step 6 Place the remote control facing the TV and click the power button on the remote. The device will turn off. If it does not turn off, repeat the above programming steps with some other code till it works.
Step 7 Check whether the other remote buttons are functioning by pressing each of them. Note that, only basic functions will work by using a Comcast universal remote control. If the basic functions fail to work, repeat the above steps with another code.

The Automated Method for Searching Device Codes

Step 1 The very first step is to turn on your television.
Step 2 Then, click the “TV” button on the remote control. After this process, press and hold down the “Setup” button till the button of your appliance (TV) blinks twice.
Step 3 Type the code “9-9-1” using the number keypad of the remote control. The “TV” button will flash twice.
Step 4 Press the “1” button on the numerical keyboard of the remote.
Step 5 Press the “Power” switch on the remote and tap on the “CH +” button. Repeat the method until the power on the TV shuts off. Press the “Setup” key so that you can save the code.


In this post, you came to know about programming the remote with a Comcast cable box. Two methods are mentioned above of which you can choose any method for programming your televisions. If you are facing any problems regarding this topic, please write to us.

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