Magnavox is a famous brand and GE (General Electric) is also a good brand. Both brands manufacture electronic devices like Television, audio players, video players, and so on. GE universal remote can be the best remote to operate multiple devices at a time.

You will need program codes to connect GE universal remote with the Magnavox device.

Here, we have listed all the major Magnavox Tv codes for GE universal remote. You have to choose a suitable code for your brand name from the below listing of program codes. 

Magnavox Tv code list for GE universal remote

In the following list, you can find out the correct code for your Magnavox tv GE universal remote. Well, you have to make sure that you choose the correct code for your device to program well with a universal remote. 

When you find the selected code is not working properly with the device or you face any issue then, you should change the keycode.

Pick up a code from the list as we have given multiple codes for each brand so, try with one another and get the correct code that works to program and control your device with GE universal remote. 

0601 0006

4 Digit Codes for GE CL3 Remote

0141 4191 0001 4761 2891 4641 0321 4261 1741 0681 0701 0961 1021 1801 1171 1221 1961 2321 4791 4991

4 Digit Codes for GE CL4 Remote

5741 0141 4191 6171 4761 0975 4641 4261 2891 1741

4 Digit Codes for GE CL5 Remote

5741 4191 6171 4761 0975 4641 4261 2891 0141 1741

4 Digit Codes for GE CL6 Remote

5741 4191 6171 4761 0975 4641 4261 2891 1741 0141

After selecting a universal code you have to follow proper guidelines to program GE universal remote with Magnavox Tv. You don’t need to go anywhere to find out the guidelines since we have given the complete process in this article, you can find it in the below section. You have to follow up the same guidelines as it is given in the below section. 

First, check if the remote batteries are working properly, if not then, remove the old batteries and place them with new ones. If still, the batteries could not work then, you have to replace the remote or you can buy a new GE universal remote control. 

If you have any issues finding the corresponding code for your device then, comment on your device brand name we will help you to find the right one. Read this article till the end and If you have queries then, let us know 

If you need another brand of universal remote codes or program instructions. Then, you should visit our website where you can find each universal remote code. Along with the program codes we also discuss various methods of guidelines. So, check it once if you find it helpful then, also recommend it to others.