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In today’s world, everyone needs entertainment and that too with comfort. You may be having
many electronic devices at your home and different remotes for those devices. It is frustrating to use
different remotes for operating various devices. And sometimes, it happens that you lose your
device remote or misplace it.

At such times, buying an Xfinity remote is a good option as it has advanced features and controls multiple devices at one time. Here, we will discuss Xfinity XR15 remote setup for programming your TV.

Other models of Xfinity remotes can be used for controlling your brand devices. Before programming, you have to add specific code for your device that you can get in the below table. Just go through this blog and control your favorite device with Xfinity XR15 remote control.

List of Xfinity Remote Codes for different brand Televisions

Are you searching for remote codes for pairing the Xfinity remote with your smart TV? Don’t worry
as here you will get the best working codes.

The below table consists of Xfinity remote codes for various TV brands. You have to choose the right code as per your TV brand for programming the Xfinity remote. After entering the code, follow the remote setup correctly.

How to pair the Xfinity Remote Control with your TV?

For connecting the Xfinity remote to your TV, you need to open up the online code lookup tool. Then, you have to choose the model of your Xfinity remote and the brand of your television. At last, complete the programming setup by using the code you receive. In this post, you will learn about Xfinity remote programming for different models.

 How to pair the Xfinity XR11 Remote with your TV?
Without using the remote code lookup tool, you can pair the Xfinity XR11remote to a TV with the
help of the given steps:
Step -1 Turn on your smart TV by plugging it into the electrical socket.
Step -2 Switch the input of the TV to the input connected with the Xfinity TV Box.
Step-3 Click on the Setup key and hold it down till the status LED light atop the remote turns green.
Step-4 Now hit the Xfinity button on the remote. You will find the status LED light flashing green.
Step-5 Add the three-digit remote code that is showing on the screen.
Step-6 Finally, the XR11 remote is connected to your brand TV.
How to pair the Xfinity XR15 Remote with your TV?
To connect the XR15 remote to your TV without the remote code lookup tool, proceed with the
given steps:
Step-1 The initial step is to start your brand TV.
Step-2 Change the TV input to the input that is connected to the Xfinity TV Box

Step-3 Tap on the Xfinity and Info keys and hold them together for 5 seconds. You will observe the
status LED light at the top of the remote turning green.
Step-4 Now, you have to insert the 3-digit remote code that is displayed on the screen.
Step-5 Your Xfinity XR15 remote is now paired up with your TV.
Step-6 After remote pairing, go through the instructions on the screen to set up the volume, power
and input control for your television.

In this article, you learnt about setting up the Xfinity remote with your smart TV. The programming
instructions are given above for XR11 and XR15 Xfinity remote models. The only thing is that you
have to enter the proper device code for getting control over your device. Share this post with many
and if any problems, please connect with us.