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Are you a Fios remote user and facing difficulty in using the remote for controlling your brand devices? No worries as here, you will get the proper solution for your problem.

Usually, Fios remotes work well with electronic devices but in case, it stopped working, you can fix it easily. Here, we will guide you through the fixing solutions which are very easy to follow. With a single Fios remote, you can control multiple devices in your home entertainment area.

There is no need to use different remotes for different devices. So, whenever your Fios remote encounters a problem, take the help of this post and fix your smart Fios remote control. It usually takes a few seconds for resetting the Verizon Fios remote. In this post, you will learn about how to reset the Fios remote.

Steps for Resetting the Fios Remote

 First of all, click on the OK and 2 buttons and hold them together. Release both buttons.
 After that, press 9-0-0 in the required sequence.
 The red LED light will illuminate three times and then turn off.
 Now, the settings have been restored.

What type of Fios Remote do you have?

There is a different resetting process for different Fios remote models. So, before proceeding with
the process, you have to check out the model of your remote.

How to reset the Verizon P265 Remote?

Follow the below steps for resetting the Verizon P265 remote:
 Find the OK and 2 buttons on the remote and press and hold them together. Now, leave the
 The red LED light will flash two times and remain on.
 Click the numbers 9-0-0 in that sequence.
 You will find the red LED light flashing thrice and getting off. It denotes that the settings are

How to reset the Philips RC 1445302 Remote?

To reset the Philips RC 1445302 remote, perform the given instructions:
 Press and hold down the STB button.
 While you hold the STB button, hit the OK button.
 Leave both buttons. You will find the device buttons blinking two times.
 Tap on the numbers 9-0-0 in the sequence. The STB will flash thrice to denote successful

How to reset the Motorola DRC800 Remote?

To reset the Motorola DRC800 remote, the given steps will work out:

 Press and hold down any one of the keys like Audio, TV, DVD/VCR or Cable for about 6
 The LED for each device button will flash. The button for the device you selected will stay on.
 Enter the number 9-8-1.
 The LED light will illuminate two times which denotes that the remote has been restored to
factory settings.

How to reset the Scientific-Atlanta AT8550 AllTouch Remote?

For resetting the Scientific-Atlanta AT8550 AllTouch remote, follow the given process:
 Find the SELECT and CBL keys on the remote. Press and hold the buttons together till all the
mode buttons flash twice.
 Press the number 9-8-1. All the mode buttons will blink thrice. After some time, the CBL
button will flash twice.

When to reset a Fios Remote?

Resetting the remote is the final step you should do because a reset wipes each setting from the
remote and disconnects it from the TV Box. The right time to reset the remote is when you have
gone through all other troubleshooting options such as turning the TV Box on and off and changing
the battery. You can go for resetting when you cannot unpair the remote from the TV Box with the
same unpairing method. But, this is also the last option and should be kept for the end.


In this blog, you came to know about resetting your Fios remote and different methods are allocated
for different Fios remote models. Check them above and reset your Fios remote model for enjoying
programs on your brand TV. Share this post with other people also and if any queries, write a
comment to us.