How to use RCA remote code list 4 digit for your TV?

The remote with electronic devices are designed to make the lives of people simplified. However, this can be a hassle if you have multiple remotes to operate all devices. You can also have different types of remotes on the same TV. If you want to know how to program RCA remote code list 4 digit for your newly purchased Universal remote, you are in the best place. This ultimate guide on setting up RCA remote code for your TV takes you through the manual and automatic process for the same. After the process is completed, you control all the TV, amplifier, and set-top boxes through one single-handedly device.

You can only use a TV, VCR, or cable box code for a specific device brand to run a combo unit for remote programming. If you use cable boxes like Jerrold, Scientific Atlanta, etc., you can find out the RCA universal remote TV codes utilizing the channel’s UP. So, you should first use the code search method and if that doesn’t work, try a code list search.

Here’s the RCA remote code list 4 digit

Remote code and programming may have been done to operate a TV, VCR, or cable brand. This remote code guide is programmed with the following RCA code. After you find the correct code for your TV or other audio or video device model, move on to the stepwise instruction mentioned in the below section.

Dual Ways to Program RCA universal remote TV codes 

#Scenario1: Use Code Search Option

  1. “Turn on” a device manually, such as a TV, DVD, VCR, or cable box.
  2. Touch and hold to search for code.
  3. Click and release the switch of the component you want to set up (TV, VCR). If you are using AUX with the element in use, click AUX first and then release the component key for the type of device to be programmed with the remote code.
  4. After the selected device switch will flash once.
  5. Now proceed with the code search.
  6. Tap OFF / ON repeatedly until the device turns off (you can press the button up to 100 times at a rate of 1 second).
  7. Once the components (TV, cable box) are turned off, press ENTER and then release.
  8. Press a button on your device like any other button. If the component responds appropriately, no additional programming is required. If not, you will have to repeat all the steps.

#Method2: With the help of the Automatic Remote Code List

  1. Find the code for each device and brand from the list provided.
  2. Click on Code Search and hold
  3. Now tap and release the button for the TV, cable, or VCR set up.
  4. Like the code list method, if you are using an AUX device, you must first press and release the AUX, then specific components has to be programmed.
  5. If the Selected Components button is flashing, you may need to move on to the next step.
  6. Now, enter the three-digit code from the TV, VCR, or Cable Box code list.
  7. Continue searching for the code.
  8. When the device is on, press another tab, for example – CHANNEL UP.
  9. If the component reacts as required, then no further programming is needed.
  10. If the device does not respond, repeat all the above steps using another code from the list.

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