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Do you have a Cisco cable box at your home and wanted remote codes for programming it? No need
to worry as here you will get the complete guide on Cisco cable box remote codes and how to
program it.

This post will guide you through the step-by-step method of programming the Cisco cable box by using compatible remote codes. You will get the list of working codes in the below table.

You have to find the correct code for your device from the code list and use it while programming the device. Once you have the right key code, enter it with the help of the remote’s keypad and follow the programming instructions.

To know more about Cisco cable box universal remote codes, read this blog carefully and if any queries, let us know.

List of All-in-one Cisco Cable Box Universal Remote Codes

If you are looking out for Cisco cable remote codes for different brand devices, you will easily get
them right here. The below table consists of the best compatible codes for programming the Cisco
cable box universal remote.

So, please check out the list and find the right code for your universal

List of All-in-one Cisco Cable Box Universal Remote Codes


List of Universal Remote Control Codes for Cisco Cable Boxes

GE1021, 1558, 1094, 1063, 1068, 1000, 1380, 1049, 1135, 1512, 1333
Polaroid1583, 1502, 1565, 1604, 1393, 1639, 1111, 1371, 1407, 1391, 1596
RCA1459, 1386, 1596, 1144, 1009, 1000, 1049, 1094, 1610, 1640, 1613
Sharp1247, 1011, 1378, 1153, 1025, 1064, 1138, 1248, 1350, 1009, 1537
Vizio1625, 1433, 1823, 1289, 1181, 1822, 1829, 1184, 1831, 1824, 1042
Westinghouse1616, 1198, 1515, 1555, 1816, 1178, 1567, 1544, 1184, 1135
Hitachi1344, 1030, 1086, 1051, 1001, 1098, 1522, 1206, 1102, 1363, 1490
Insignia1601, 1507, 1024, 1437, 1255, 1596, 1232, 1595, 1519, 1593, 1436
JVC1080, 1054, 1092, 1055, 1026, 1169, 1023, 1615, 1526
LG1294, 1723, 1539, 1255, 1638, 1146, 1257, 1293, 1020, 1303, 1333, 1584
Sony1090, 1534, 1037, 1388, 1219, 1574, 1408, 1515, 1812, 1814
Sylvania1464, 1027, 1047, 1024, 1465, 1554, 1061, 1300, 1150, 1061, 1059
Toshiba1340, 1159, 1043, 1073, 1255, 1532, 1169, 1223, 1550, 1058, 1222
Dynex1609, 1593, 1589, 1507
Emerson1135, 1595, 1024, 1043, 1465, 1020, 1333, 1118, 1028, 1036, 1465
Zenith1015, 1094, 1333, 1522, 1020, 1118, 1061, 1037, 1051, 1023, 1255

How to Program the Remote Control for Cisco Cable Boxes

Steps to program the Cisco Universal Remote to the Cable Box Follow the given steps for setting up the Cisco cable box:
Step-1 The first step is to turn on your Cable box by plugging it into the electrical socket.
Step-2 Take the universal remote and aim it towards the Cisco cable box.
Step-3 Find the ‘CBL’ button on the remote and press and hold it for a few seconds. The ‘CBL’ button is the component key for the Cable box on the remote. You have to leave the button when the small LED light on the component button starts on.
Step-4 Now, insert the three-digit remote code for your Cable box brand. You will find the remote
codes in the above table.
Step-5 After that, click on the Power button. If your device turns off, that means you have entered
the right code. If the device does not turn off, try another code from the code list. You can
also try with the help of the Volume keys.
Step-6 The final step is to save the code by hitting the component button again. Tap on the ‘CBL”
button again until you find the small LED button flashing twice. This indicates that the
remote codes have been saved.

How will you program a Universal Remote to the Cisco Cable Box?

Step-by-Step Guide to Programming the Remote Control
Step-1 Find the brand of the device and the codes from the table provided above.
Step-2 Secondly, you have to turn on the TV.
Step-3 Find the ‘TV’ button on the remote. You have to tap on this button and hold it down.
Step-4 You will find the OK button on the remote which you have to press and hold.
Step-5 At the same time, release both buttons.
Step-6 Add the 4-digit number that matches the TV brand from the code list provided above.

Step-7 Check the functions of the remote.

The Bottom line
So, in this blog, you came to know about Cisco Cable Box remote codes to program the cable box.
Try to insert the compatible code for the device and then program it with the above-mentioned

If one code does not work out, try out another one from the code list. Share this post with
many people so that they can also get the benefit of these codes and if any concerns, please write to