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Emerson TV Codes for U-Verse Remote & Program Guide

The universal remote can control your entertainment devices like Television, DVDs, loudspeakers, etc. Now, we don’t need to use various remotes for each device.

We can handle multiple devices with a single universal remote control for entertainment. Here, we have brought up the Emerson TV Codes for U-Verse Remote.

To program the universal remote with Emerson TV you need to add remote codes.

So, now you can search for the Emerson TV remote codes here. If you are looking for a programming method, our team has listed the procedure for programming you can follow. First, let’s figure out the programming codes.

List of Emerson TV Codes for U-Verse Remote

Are you ready to search for your program code from the listing? As there are various codes for each device model name. You have to look for suitable program codes of your Emerson TV model name. When you find out the remote codes move on to the programming process.

Universal Remote Code for Emerson TV & Program Guide

To program, add the corresponding code on the device by following the procedure. You will be notified with a signal after entering the correct U-Verse remote code.

If in case the remote code is not responding, try with the next code listed in the code table. Apply this method and program successfully. 

Emerson TV Codes for U-Verse Remote S20

13623 10171
13559 11963

Emerson TV Codes for U-Verse Remote A30

11886 11864
10180 13623
11394 12183
11665 11661
11963 13559
10463 10451
code AT&T U-verse A10 remote
0009 0135
0041 0021
0044 0179
0147 0027
0053 0032
0025 0045
0210 0004