Internet service is required for performing telecommunication-related functions. How fast the digital or online activities you conduct depends on the strength of your internet signal. The strength of the internet signal provided by different internet service providers varies.

If you are using Comcast cable for your internet service, you can check your internet service strength at home by yourself. You may need an Internet signal strength check if you’re experiencing glitches or interruptions in your Comcast cable Internet signal.

This article provides you a simple guide to know the process of checking Xfinity signal strength.

Phase 1. Prepare your device to check the signal strength of your Comcast Internet.

Step 1. Turn on the device that has web browsing access

Step 2. Open the web browser on your device.

Step 3. Delete the current address from the address bar of your web browser.

Phase 2. Enter the Signal strength checking Code

Step 1. Enter in the address bar of the web browser.

Step 2. After entering the code press enter key to get configuration manager screen.

Step 3. From the Configuration Manager screen, select the Signals tab.

Phase 3. Check the signal strength through the options on the configuration manager screen

Step 1. Look at the Signal to Noise Ratio numbers from the downstream section here.

Numbers above 30 that appear here mean you have a strong signal and numbers below 30 indicate relatively low signal strength.

Step 2. If you look at the power level in the downstream section.

Here, “0” indicates perfect signaling and numbers from “-15” to “+15” indicate satisfactory signaling.

Step 3. If you want to understand the signal strength by the power level in the upstream section,

In that case, numbers “below 55” indicate your strong signal and numbers “above 55” indicate a relatively poor signal.

In conclusion, this way you can test Comcast or Xfinity signal strength in 3 different ways with the same code entry. By checking the signal, you can evaluate the cause of the interruption in your Internet service and contact Comcast Customer Care for customer support if necessary.