The universal remote is widely distributed and it is one of the best remotes. This universal remote can easily operate your devices. If you want to control Television, Home theatre, and DVD player all at once. Then, this universal remote control can operate all the devices simultaneously.

All you have to do is to pair the devices (that you want to control) with the universal remote control. Many brands supply universal remotes.

Here, we will learn how to program directv remote to Samsung Tv. The basic and major methods are explained here. We will tell you every point that you need to program. 

To pair your Samsung Tv with directv remote control, you have to apply Samsung DirecTV Remote Codes. It’s necessary to enter the Samsung DirecTV Remote Codes to program. When the device accepts the remote code, then only you can operate it. As we have given many remote codes in the following table.

List of Samsung DirecTV Remote Codes

Below is the list of Samsung DirecTV Remote Codes . Get your remote code here. The listed remote codes are valid. The remote codes change and if that happens. No worries. Here, you will get updated codes only.

Note: These Samsung DirecTV Remote Codes can also be used to program the following model numbers – RC64, RC65, RC66, RC32, RC24.

How Do I Find My Samsung TV Remote Code

10329 12733
11235 10056
10427 10178
13382 10039
11632 11060
10702 12596
10814 11312
10812 12814
10587 10032
11249 12051
11959 10650
10766 10060
11903 11395
12557 10030

Samsung DirecTV Remote Codes & Program Guide

How to Program Directv remote to Samsung tv 

The below-given method is known as the manual method. Where you have to put in a key code to pair your Samsung tv with the DirecTV remote. Follow the below steps to program. Here, we go

Before starting the procedure, make sure your device and remote control are ready to program.

Step:1 Switch on your Samsung Tv. Turn On Directv remote control. Ensure, the remote control is in working mode. 

Step:2 First, Turn the remote control into programming mode. All you have to do is to press the “TV” button on the remote control. The other option is to slide the button to the right and your DirecTV remote is programmable to the Samsung tv. 

Step:3 Point the DirectTv remote control to the Samsung Tv. Now, on the remote control, press the “Mute and Select” button. Hold both buttons unless the remote control receives a light. The light will blink two times. 

Step:4 Now, you can enter the key code. Enter the directv remote to Samsung tv code that you have selected from the list. The light will flash two times and remain off. 

Step:5  When the entered code is not working. Then, you can enter a new code applying the same procedure.

Step:6 You have to check the remote control and the device. Press the volume or channel button. If it’s work, no issue. If it does not work, enter a new code. 

You can use different codes unless you find your programming code. Ensure, use the same above procedure for entering the code. when you find the correct code, your device will respond to your remote control.