There are two ways for programming the GE universal remote for the CL5 version. First is the automatic search method where the code is scanned automatically.

Experts recommend this method for newbies as it provides less confusion. The other method is the brand code search process where you can program manually.

Let’s go through the brief tutorial that will make you understand more clearly.

The Automatic Search Method

  Step-1 Firstly, turn on the device that you wish to operate with the GE CL5 remote. This remote can control Televisions, Blu-Ray players, Audio Systems, Game Consoles, etc.

Step-2 Take your remote and find the ‘Setup’ option. Once found, press down the button gently till a red light flashes from its indicator. Leave the button when you see the red indicator flash.

Step-3 Then, check the keys of the GE CL5 remote and find the type of device you will program with the GE CL5 remote. Generally, you can find them below the Power key on the upper section of the controller.

The controller has options for TV, DVR, CVL, SAT and many more. Hit the corresponding component till the red indicator flashes once.

 Step-4  Next, tap on the Power key. If you are pairing a DVD player with the remote, click on the Play button instead.

The indicator light of the remote should blink for a successful connection. If not, you have to click the Power/Play button every 2 seconds to find the GE CL5 universal remote codes.

 Step-5 Wait for your device to play or turn off. Keep your finger on the number 1 key as you have to press it for locking the correct code. When it happens, press down the number 1 key. As the code is saved, the red indicator light will go off.


We hope this post has helped you with the best codes for programming the GE CL5 universal remote.

The programming instructions provided above are easy to follow after entering the correct code. Once programmed, you are all set to enjoy your entertainment devices with a single GE CL5 remote.