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If you feel exhausted control multiple devices with multiple remotes. Then, you have to buy a universal remote and this will help you with ease. The universal remote can handle your devices like Tv, DVDs, VCRs, TV-Satellite, etc.

There are many brands of universal remotes here, we are going to discuss GE universal remote codes for Westinghouse Tv. The GE universal remote is among the most popular universal remote. To operate the Westinghouse Tv with the GE remote, you need remote codes. The remote codes will help the device connect with GE universal remote.

List Of GE Universal Remote Codes for Westinghouse TV

The complete listing of codes for GE remote Westinghouse Tv is given below. You have to pick the code which is of your brand name. First, select your device or model name on the given list. As there are many model name codes listed.

GE 24922 Universal Remote Codes

There will be several remote codes for every particular brand name. so, you have to choose one code from it. Once you get the device code then, follow the below-given process. Follow the process effectively so you can program correctly.

CodesCL6Model -> 2022
3241 2891
Codes – CL5Model -> 2019
6171 2281
Codes – CL4Model ->2016
2141 2281
Codes V2 & V4Model ->2011-2012
Codes V2 Model ->2011
5237 5117
Codes V4 Model ->2012
5115 5001

How to Program GE Universal Remote With Westinghouse Tv (Remote Codes)

Step-1 Switch on your device (Westinghouse TV)

Step-2 Point the GE remote towards the Westinghouse Tv.

Step-3 Check for the TV option on your GE remote and press the Setup button. 

Step- 4 Now, you can enter the code that you have selected from the above list.

Step- 5 The tiny light will blink at least 4 times. When it does that means you have programmed successfully.

Note :

  1. To make sure that the GE remote is all set, you can tap on the keys. Check if the remote keys are doing correctly.
  2. In case if the remote keys are not doing right then, reprogram it. 

How to Program GE Universal Remote With Westinghouse Tv (Manual Method)

Step-1 To begin with, Turning on the Westinghouse Tv

Step-2 Choose the Tv option on the universal remote

Step-3 Press the setup button and hold it until the light turns on (It is in the learning mode)

Step-4 Now, enter the code that you have picked from the code list

Step-5 Point the GE remote to the Westinghouse Tv and press the power button. 

Step-6 Hold the power button and wait for the TV to switch off. When the Tv turns off, release the power button.

Step-7 Now, turn on the Tv and press the power button. When the Tv turns on, check if it’s working or not. Press any remote key and check if the Tv responds to it.

Step-8 When the TV doesn’t respond or it doesn’t turn on. Then, you have to use a different code from the list and apply the same process. Start with the 2nd step. 

We have given all the GE remote codes in the Above section. You have to select one code that is of your brand name and can work with. To enter the code on your device for programming, you must be aware of the instruction. The program instruction is given below

What Are GE Universal Remote 4 Digit Codes & Program Guide

Read this entire article and if you need any help then, don’t forget to comment below. On this website, we have given all the branded universal remote codes with instructions.

So, If you want any GE Universal Remote Codes for Westinghouse TV , you can check and find your code. When you didn’t find the code let us know we will help you to find one. 

GE Universal Remote Codes for Westinghouse TV – CL5