Are you looking for GE universal remote codes? If so, Here we are going to discuss only GE universal remote codes. The remote codes are important and can support the device to program with the universal remote.

There are different kinds of remote codes, it can be 3,4, or 5 digits. The GE universal remote is one of the best universal remotes. In this article, you can see GE universal remote codes for TCL tv.

If you have the same device and brand then, this article is for you only. Let’s find out the GE remote codes for you.

GE remote with Tcl tv can be the best match. There are many GE codes available in the following table. There are different brand names, so each brand has multiple codes. The codes that we have listed in this article are valid and tested. 

When you have chosen the code from the GE code list. You will need a procedure to enter the program code. On this website, you may have the methods of programming, along with the remote codes. Follow the given instruction effectively to program your device. A few steps are needed to program, so follow them carefully.

Read this article and get the right code for the device. If the code is not working on the device then, let us know. You can share your device\model name in the comment section. We will reach out with some more codes. If you found this article helpful then, drop a comment.

List of GE Remote Codes for Tcl Tv

From the following table, you can find out the GE remote codes for the Tcl Roku tv. Each brand is provided with multiple codes. You have to pick one code from the GE code list.

Make sure, you have to select one code that is of your brand device name and within the brand name. After that, following up on the instructions and the steps are important to the program.

GE CL3 Universal Remote Codes Tcl TV


GE CL4 Universal Remote Tcl TV Code


GE CL5 Universal Remote Tcl TV Code


GE CL6 Universal Remote Codes for a Tcl TV


GE Universal Remote Codes for Tcl Roku TV


The given program instructions are simple and easy to do. You just have to follow the procedure as it is given to program correctly. 

How to Program GE Universal Remote For TCL Roku Tv (Point to Point Guide)

Step-1 Initially, switch on your device. The device that you want to connect with is the universal remote control. 

Step-2 Tap on the setup button on the remote control. 

Step-3 Click on the device button and release

Step-4 Find the correct TCL Roku Tv GE universal remote code

Step-5 Enter the code that you have selected from the above GE code list

Step-6 Point the remote to the device and check if it’s working or not

Step-7 If not, you can enter a different code and search for the right one.  

If you want some other universal remote codes or methods of programming then, visit this website. On this website, you can see all the branded universal remote codes with the procedure for programming. If you want to know anything related to universal remote then, comment below.