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Do you want to know the code list for Bose soundbar? If so, this article is for you. Here, you will get the best remote codes for your Bose soundbar. You may have instruction paper or a booklet with the remote control. Which shows the exact remote codes for your device and brand name. If you don’t have that code list with the remote control. Then, you can find it here. In this article, we will be sharing Bose soundbar codes with programming methods. You have to read this article till last so that you can find your remote code. We will also guide you through the programming process.

In the below section, you can find your Bose soundbar universal remote codes with program instructions. You have to follow the instructions to program the Bose soundbar.

In the programming, we have only given the important points. Only a few points are given and which must be followed.

The remote codes consist of 4-Digit and 5-Digits. It depends on which brand and device you are using.

You should not miss any step during processing. Be careful and follow the procedure correctly.

While entering the remote code, make sure you enter the exactly given digit in the code table. Let’s get into the table of code list

List of Bose soundbar codes

The below table consists of Bose soundbar remote codes. Picking the correct remote code is the main thing. Try to pick up the correct code. Ensure, the selected remote code is suitable to the device\brand name. After selecting a code, you have to follow the guidelines. In the instruction part, we have disclosed 2 methods. The two methods are known as the manual method and without code method. First, select a code, then you can move to guidelines. In the guidance, we have explained which method will be suitable for you. Ensure, you read each point carefully.

Now, let’s move on to the table code list. To find your Bose soundbar universal remote code


Programming method for Bose soundbar

As we discussed, there are 2 methods to program. The first method is the manual method, where you have to put in remote code. When the device accepts the code then, you can operate your device with the universal remote. In the second method, which is without a code method. In this method, you don’t need to find code for your device. The device will automatically find your code. You just need to follow up on the procedure. So, these are two methods.

You have to apply the first method (manual). Selecting a code and entering it on the device. If that does not work for you or if you face any issues with the code. Then, you can use the second method. Now, let’s start the procedure

Manual Method to Program Bose Soundbar

  1. control. 
  2. Point the remote control facing to the tv or any device that you are using. Press the Tv button on your Bose soundbar remote.
  3. Next, press the setup button and hold the button, wait for the light to flash. When the light flashes, release the button.
  4. It’s time to input your device code. Enter the code that you get from the code list.
  5. After entering the code, press the power button on your Bose soundbar remote.
  6. When the device turns off, release the power button.

Now, your device will work correctly. When the device did not turn off. then, you have to enter a different code from the above table. Follow the same steps outlined above.