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Do you have a Vizio Soundbar in your home entertainment center and wanted to operate it with the universal remote? Then here is the right solution. You can use your favorite universal remote for programming the Vizio Soundbar. For that, you should have the perfect programming codes with you.

Here, you will learn how to program your Vizio Soundbar with the addition of remote codes. For programming Vizio Soundbar, you must need Vizio Soundbar universal remote control codes. If you have the proper codes and the correct programming instructions, then you can control the Vizio Soundbar with any of your favorite universal remotes.

You will get the programming user guide right below. There are many processes mentioned here for programming the Vizio Soundbar. You can prefer any of them.

The Vizio Soundbar universal remote codes provided here are the latest ones. They will surely help in programming the device. You have to enter one code and follow the programming steps and if it fails, use another code from the list. So, please go through this blog and take benefit of Vizio Soundbar codes.

Vizio Soundbar Universal Remote Control Code

Step – 1.      To operate a universal remote first “Switch On” your devices like TV.

Step -2.      Turn on your remote, then press and hold the button on the device for three seconds.

Step -3.     When the device is prepared for programming, the LED light will or show.

Step -4.      Point the remote towards the device and click on the switch CH+ & CH- and the universal remote shows on\off signal.

Step – 5.      Click and hold on, the up or down key until the device turns off.

Step – 6.      Press the POWER button and the device will turn on so you can check the code.

Step – 7.      Turn on the device. Try to change the channel and volume to check the remote is working.

Step – 8.     Tap the DEVICE button to store the code.

Step – 9.      If the code is confirmed, the LED light will blink twice.

5 Digit Universal Remote Code for Vizio Soundbar


Vizio Sound Bar 4 Digit Remote Control Code:

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How to sync soundbar to TV

Connect the soundbar using sound sync power ON the soundbar and if you’re using an optical cable, connect the cable of the output optical on the TV to the input optical on the soundbar. Locate the sound menu on your TV and select sound out from the sound menu.

How to fix Sync audio

Step -1 Set Digital audio out to PCM (Pulse- Code Modulation).

Step -2 Open the setting menu (differs by model)

Step -3 Change the A\V sync setting (not all androids have an A\V sync setting) and open the setting menu.

Step -4 Set pass-through mode to Auto Yet, not all Android TVs have to pass through the mode setting.

IR sensor on Vizio sound bar

Remove any block from the front of the TV and make sure there is no blocking. In most VIZIO televisions, the sensor is in the bottom left or in the bottom right corner of the TV.

Vizio sound bar sync to tv

In my experience, this is the most common problem while sending audio from your TV to your soundbar using HDMI ARC or optical out. In your TV’s audio settings, see if you can change or pass through the audio format to PCM instead of Dolby Digital or bitstream.

In the section below, we brought a solution to the people who asked to clear their problems. Let’s go to check the solutions to their problems.

1. Can I leave my Vizio soundbar “ON” all the time?

If you leave, the Vizio soundbar ON all the time, it’ll get overheated, post a fire hazard and unnecessary use up energy, and damage your Vizio soundbar as the other devices do.

2.   Why is my soundbar not working?

If you’re using an analog connection, make sure the TV volume is turned up and the TV analog audio output is set to “variable”. If you’re getting no sound from the soundbar then try to turn on the TV’s volume. If the TV is turned down all the way, even if the soundbar is set to the full volume you’ll hear no sound.

3.   Can a Vizio soundbar be used with a Samsung TV?

Yes, a Vizio Soundbar will work with Samsung Tv.

If you also want to know something about programming Vizio soundbar universal remote then please comment down and we’ll clear your doubts.