Do you want to control your Sylvania DVD player with a universal remote control, SAT, or CABLE remote control? You will need a Sylvania DVD player remote code to program your remote.
If you are looking for a Sylvania DVD player with universal remote codes to control your Sylvania DVD player, you will get them here.

You must insert the compatible code to pair the Sylvania DVD Player with the universal remote. Add one code after another till you find the right one for your brand device.

Sylvania DVD Player Universal Remote Codes List 


GE Remote Code->Sylvania DVD Player


Sylvania DVD Codes for Comcast Remote Control

21268 20675
0821 20821

Sylvania DVD Codes for Directv Remote Control

20821 20675

Sylvania DVD Codes for Dish Network Remote Control

531 645
650 764

One for All Remote Setup Codes ->Sony DVD Player

0821 30675

Sylvania DVD Codes for Philips Remote Control

2405 1672
54408 0445

Sylvania DVD Codes for Rca Remote Control

Rca Universal Remote Codes List 4 Digit & Setup Guide

3427 3142
0675 3440

Sylvania DVD Codes for Spectrum Remote Control

2296 2083
20675 22212
0821 1268

One for All Universal Remote Codes for Sylvania DVD Player


Sylvania DVD Codes->U-Verse Remote

2373 2129

Sylvania DVD Player Universal Remote: 5 Digit Code list


Sylvania DVD Player Remote 4 Digit Codes List


Sylvania DVD Player Remote 3 Digit Code list


Program Your GE, Philips,Jasco Universal Remote

How will you program Sylvania DVD Remote without Codes?

The auto-search technique allows all the universal remote codes to undergo scanning in the remote. It will scan one code at a time to search for the proper universal remote code that works with the remote to get the overall control. Check out the instructions given below:

  • First, make your Sylvania DVD Player that you need to set up with the universal remote.
  •  Turn on the universal remote and hit the device button (here, you have to tap on the DVD option) for about three seconds. You will find the LED light, indicating the device is ready to program.
  •  Point your remote at Sylvania Player and press the up and down arrows to change the channel. The remote will show the ON/OFF signals. You must continuously press the channel up and down keys until your brand device turns off.
  • Then pressing the Power button to confirm the universal code. The programming device must turn on. When the device starts, change the channels to ensure the remote’s correct programming.
  •  Finally, click on the device button to save the remote code. The LED light of the device will flash two times to verify the stored code.

Reset Sylvania TV With and Without a Remote control

Going for a factory reset will restore your Sylvania television to its default settings. It will clear all cache and eliminate the customized settings. Hence, do prefer a soft reset before going for a hard reset. Below, it is mentioned how to carry a hard reset to clear the data of Sylvania TV.

How to Factory Reset Sylvania TV With Remote

  • The very first thing is to start your Sylvania TV.
  •  Reach the ‘Service Menu’ and click the following buttons on the remote in a sequence; ‘Menu,’ ‘1’, ‘4’, and’7′. Now, the service menu will display on the screen.

Scroll down the service menu and find the option named ‘Reset,’ ‘Factory

  • Reset’ or ‘Reset to Factory Defaults.’

Note: Different brands of Sylvania televisions have different names for the same option, but the function for all of them remains the same.

  • After getting any of the mentioned options, choose it and press the ‘Enter’ option.
  •  A warning box will be displayed, and you must confirm the reset by choosing ‘Yes’ and pressing the ‘Enter’ key.

All settings will reset to the default settings. You have to set up the settings of your TV from scratch.

If the codes mentioned above do not work, try these codes as well:

  • Menu, 8, 8, 9, 3.
  •  Menu, 0, 0, 0, 0.
  •  Source, 2, 5, 8, 0.

Undertaking a reset will quickly troubleshoot your Sylvania TV issues. Not only that, if the Sylvania TV has accidentally gone to Safe Mode and can’t get a way to come out of it, take a factory reset to bring it back to normal.

Factory Reset Sylvania TV without Remote control

You cannot reset a Sylvania television without a remote control, as the TV doesn’t carry an external reset button. You must use a universal remote to reset the Sylvania TV to factory settings.

How do I program the Sylvania DVD Remote?

If you follow the instructions below, your DVD player will work properly with the remote control. Suppose the smart device does not work correctly. You must repeat the programming method with Sylvania DVD Player Universal Remote Codes or program the remote control with an alternative.

Sylvania DVD Player Programming Universal remote control with code key method

The keycode method allows you to program the Sylvania DVD player universal remote easily and identify the component model you are using.

Step 1. Turn on the device

Step 2. Choose the “TV” option in Sylvania DVD Player Universal Remote Control.

Step 3. Now click and hold the “Setup button” on the universal remote control next to “Flash” (indicates training mode).

Step 4. Now enter the “key code,” which you can find in the list.

Step 5.  “Point your remote at the TV” and “Hold “the power “button.”for a second

Release the power button of the remote when the screen turns off.

Setup Sylvania DVD Player Remote with a code search method

Step 1. Turn on your device.

Step 2. Press and hold the Setting button on your remote

Step 3. Now enter “9-9-1” (3-digit Sylvania DVD Player Universal Remote Codes).

Step 4. Press and hold the “Power” button on the remote control and then click on the channel until the device “turns off.”

Sylvania DVD Player remote setup with manual setting

Step 1. Insert the device and universal remote control you want to replace.

Step 2. Click the Settings Button.

Step 3. Enter the “code” from the list provided.

Step 4. press any key of the function you want to “program.”

Step For example – Turn up the volume on the TV.

Step 5. Now touch and hold the appropriate button on the “original remote control.”

Eventually, the screen will flash, which means the program has been saved successfully.

The TV volume buttons are now stored on your universal remote, and you can use the volume buttons.

Q. How can I find the universal remote’s code?

Here we have mentioned Sylvania DVD Player Universal Remote Codes for All brands, and you have to check out a particular brand code section, pick the code and apply the code to program your remote, and follow the given steps

How do you pair a normal remote on a Sylvania TV?

Follow the Sylvania TV programming methods for the universal remote

• Switch to setup mode. Until the red light on the remote goes on, Hold down the SETUP button.

Step -1  Click the button for the device type.

Step -2 Enter the device brand code which is listed above 

Step -3 check the result

Step -4 Repeat these steps for each device to pair with the remote.

How to Program a Sylvania DVD remote without a code

Step -1 Turn on” the device, like “Television,” that you want to control with the universal remote to control.

Step -2 Turn on the remote and press the device button (TV, DVD, Cbl) three times to “turn on” the device with the remote. The LED light on the device shows that it is ready for programming.

Step -3. Select the “CH+” and “CH-” switches using the remote. On/off prompts are displayed on the remote. Keep pressing the “Up” or “Down” key until the device shuts off.

Step – 4. Click on the “power” key to validate the code. It should light up. Check a different channel to ensure the remote is set up correctly.

Step -5. To save the code, press the “device” button now. The device’s LED will flash twice to verify the saved code.


I hope the above methods and steps help you to program your remote and TV remote. Please comment below if you have any issues, and we’ll help you.