Sylvania DVD Player Universal Remote Codes & Program Methods

Do you want to control your Sylvania DVD player with a universal remote control, SAT or CABLE remote control? You will need a Sylvania DVD player remote code to program your remote. If you were looking Sylvania DVD Player Universal Remote Codes, you’ve found the perfect platform. We have recently posted the latest remote control codes here, including universal RCA remote control codes for Sylvania DVD players. You can easily program the remote control to control your Sylvania DVD player if you have a working universal remote control code and correct programming instructions.

All kinds of universal codes for remote control from 4-digit, 3-digit, 5-digit, direct and GE remote control codes for the Sylvania DVD player can be found in the list below. Just select the remote control code for your universal remote control and follow the remote programming instructions below. Try changing the remote control code from the list below if the remote control is not programmed with a code.

Latest One for All Remote Codes & Program Guide

Sylvania DVD Player Universal Remote Codes List 

  • 2213
  • 2260
  • 2321
  • 2327
  • 2408
  • 2002
  • 2064
  • 2078
  • 2092
  • 2194

GE Sylvania DVD Player Universal Remote Codes

  • 0456
  • 0458

How do I program the Sylvania DVD Universal Remote?

If you follow the instructions below correctly, your DVD player will work properly with the remote control. If the smart device does not work properly, you will need to repeat the programming method again with  Sylvania DVD Player Universal Remote Codes or program the remote control with an alternative programming method.

Sylvania DVD Player Programming Universal remote control with code key method

The keycode method allows you to easily program the Sylvania DVD player universal remote and identify the component model you are using.

Step 1.Turn on the device

Step 2. Choose “TV” option in Sylvania DVD Player Universal Remote Control.

Step 3. Now click and hold “Setup button” on the universal remote control next to “Flash” (indicates training mode).

Step 4. Now enter the “key code” which you can find from the list given.

Step 5. After following the process, “Point your remote at TV”, then “Press and hold the power button”.

Release the power button of remote when the screen turns off.

Programming of the Sylvania DVD Player Universal Remote with a code search method

Step 1. Turn on your device.

Step 2. Then click and hold the Settings button.

Step 3. Now enter “9-9-1” (3 digit Sylvania DVD Player Universal Remote Codes).

Step 4. Press and hold the “Power” button on the remote control and then click on the channel until the device “turns off”.

Sylvania DVD Player Universal remote programming with manual settings

Step 1.Insert the device, universal remote control you want to replace.

Step 2.Click the Settings Button.

Step 3.Enter the “code” from the list given.

Step any key of the function you want to “program”.

Step For example – Turn up the volume on the TV.

Step 5.Now touch and hold the appropriate button on the “original remote control”.

Eventually the screen will flash, which means the program has been saved successfully.

The TV volume buttons are now stored on your universal remote and you can use the volume buttons.

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