How to Reset Codes in Universal Remote Control

Universal Remote control is a nifty beneficiary gadget for controlling various audio and video devices in one go. It has simplified humans’ lives by making them free from the hassle of various remote controls like TV, CD, DVD Player, Blu-ray, Setup box, and many more.

Stay on this guide if you don’t have instructions on how to program a universal remote control or looking for a guide to help you reset codes in Universal remote control. Here, we will help you with a list of manufacturers and codes that you can use to find the code needed to sync the remote with your TV or DVD player. Also, the universal remote can find usable code and then sync it with other devices. If you have the correct code, it may not take long for the remote program to the setup process. You can also go online and get the required code.

In general, three or four-digit codes are used for universal remote programs to transmit signals recognized by various equipment brands. When someone entered the new code, generally remotely delete the code inserted before a particular device. All code can be cleaned at once with a remote control to allow a new entertainment setup.

Best of ways to reset codes in universal remote control

One Way:

  1. Press the “Power” button on the TV or DVD player you want to sync with the Universal Remote.
  2. Press and hold the “LED” button on the remote until the button is lit and dimmed continuously.
  3. Press the “TV” button if you project a remote to a TV or “DVD” if you program a remote to a DVD player. The “LED” light will flash once, then continue to fire.
  4. Point the remote at your TV or DVD player and hold the “Power” button on the remote until the TV or DVD player turns off. Do not press “Power” again after the device is turned off.
  5. Press the “Enter” key on your remote. The LED light will no longer illuminate. Your remote control is now programmed for use with your device.

Other Way:

  1. Remove the battery from the remote control. Remove the battery compartment panel from the back and cell out each cell. The standard lengthy -range uses two to four AAA cells.
  2. Leave the battery compartment empty for at least two minutes. The universal remote stores’ power in a capacitor that holds memory when the battery is replaced. In two minutes, the accumulated energy will begin to run out.
  3. Press and hold the power button for three seconds to force the remote to drain all the power stored in the capacitor. Press the Power button again to make sure that no signal light is flashing. All codes stored for operating equipment will be cleared after the capacitor power has run out.
  4. Replace the battery and program the new code to Universal Remote so that only the desired equipment can be used.

How to Reset an RCA Remote

How to Program an Rca Universal Remote Control Using Code

If you are an entertainment lover, you may be having many amusement devices at your home. And obviously, all devices carry their own remotes and handling multiple remotes for different devices seems to be difficult. It is better to switch to an RCA universal remote which can control many devices at one time. In this post, you will learn about the resetting method of an RCA remote and for that, you need to follow the steps below:

  • Firstly, open the battery compartment situated at the back of the RCA remote. Take out the batteries from the remote and then turn it so that you can view its number pad.
  • Press the button ‘1’ on the remote for 60 seconds. After waiting for 10 seconds, repeat the step 2 to 4 times to clean the remote’s memory.
  • Put the batteries back to the remote and place the battery cover. Now, the remote can be programmed.

Resetting the Comcast Remote for a Cable Box

Follow the below steps for resetting a Comcast universal remote with the red ‘select’ button:

  • Switch on the new Comcast cable box manually.
  • Press the ‘Cable’ mode key situated at the top of the remote and leave. Push down the ‘Setup’ option till you watch the ‘Cable’ mode blinking twice.
  • Use the number pad of the remote to type (9-9-1). The ‘Cable’ mode switch will flash twice. Then, you have to press “0”. The mode switch will flash again two times.
  • Turn on the remote’s power button. Point the TV remote control towards the cable box. Press the channel buttons slowly and continuously till the new cable box turns off. When it does, your remote is ready for programming with the correct code to control the new cable box.
  • Click the ‘Setup’ key on the remote to lock the code.

Follow the below instructional guide for resetting a Comcast universal remote with the gray ‘select’ button:

  • Activate your new Comcast cable box manually.
  • Then, you have to press and let out the ‘Cable’ mode situated at the top of the remote. Hold down the ‘Setup’ button till you find the ‘Cable’ mode flashing twice.
  • Type the code (9-9-1) from the number board of the remote. The ‘Cable’ mode key will flash two times.
  • Then, aim the remote at the cable box. Press the remote’s ‘Cable’ and ‘Power’ keys alternatively till your cable box shuts off. Now, the remote can be programmed to control the new cable box.
  • At last, click the ‘Setup’ button of the remote for locking the code.

How can you reset a Samsung TV Remote?

Electronics often encounter with errors. If your Samsung TV remote is not working and you have to reset it, follow the below instructions.

Steps to reset standard remote of Samsung TV:

  • First, you need to open the back cover of your Samsung remote.
  • Remove the batteries and wait for 3-5 minutes.
  • Now insert the batteries.
  • Push down the power button of the remote for about 10 seconds.

Steps to reboot smart Samsung remote:

  • Take your Samsung remote control.
  • Then hold down the (B and C) keys.
  • When the remote’s light starts blinking, type the code 981 to reset.

How can I know if my TV remote control is working?

Go through the below steps to check whether the IR sensor of the remote is sending a signal:

  • Choose a device to use. For example, Digital Camera – turn on the camera.
  • Aim the remote control’s end to the IR emitter of the camera or camcorder lens.
  • Watch the viewfinder or LCD screen.
  • Finally, hold down one of the buttons of the remote.

How to reboot my One-for-All Remote Control?

Factory reset steps for One-for-All Remote:

  • Tap on MAGIC for 3 seconds till the LED light starts to blink twice.
  • Press the code (981) for about 3 seconds. The LED light of the remote will flash four times.
  • Your remote control has been rebooted to factory settings.

Does Insignia TV have a reset key?

If your Insignia television stops responding, go for a power reset. For doing that, remove the set from the outlet. Then, press down the power key for 1 minute.

How to reboot my LCD television?

Steps to reset LCD TV Factory Defaults:

  • Initially, click the menu option of the remote or TV. The TV menu screen appears.
  • Choose the factory reset option and press the menu button.
  • Then, select ‘Yes’ and your TV got reset to its default configuration.


This article has helped you with all your issues with resetting your smart devices. Check one by one and if any doubts, please write to us. We are always at your doorstep for helping you.

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