Sharp manufactures many products. Wide range of remotes, television sets, Blu-ray devices, and many more. Having a separate remote for operating each device is not very convenient. Sharp’s universal remote model lets you operate all the devices with one remote. Making it convenient and easy to operate the various devices.

Universal remote uses codes to program the remote with different devices. Allowing one to use various functions of the remote. Programming a sharp universal remote is very simple and effortless.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Programming Your Sharp Aquos Remote

Follow these five steps, and your remote will be ready to operate the device.

STEP 1:- Switch on the device you want to program with the remote.

STEP 2:- Locate the code of the device you want to set up with the remote in the user manual, under “Presetting Remote Control Functions” or under any similar sub-heading.

STEP 3:- Press and hold both the device button and the display button till the LED lights up.

STEP 4:- Enter the code for the device using the keypad of the remote. Once you enter the right code, the LED light will turn off.

STEP 5:- To check the code, press the power button. In case the remote is not functioning well, try programming the remote again. Following the above steps, use a different code from the list.

Sharp TV Remote Codes List & Setup Method

How to Reset a Sharp Aquos Lc52d64u?

The Sharp Aquos LC-52D64U liquid crystal TV offers a high-definition 1080p resolution that can be used for business presentations. Its various settings allow you to get fine-tune voice and picture settings like contrast, colour, motion settings, surround sound, and base levels. After doing so many changes, the final result might be less than desirable without any way to reverse the changes. Fortunately, Sharp brings a reset option that takes the TV to its factory default settings. This option will remove all your previous settings, and you can take a fresh start.

On-Screen Menu Reset

  • Turn on your Sharp TV and hit the ‘Menu’ key on your remote control.
  • Direct through the menu options by using the right and left arrow buttons till you get to the ‘Setup’ sub-menu.
  • Select the ‘reset’ Button and press the ‘Enter’ button. If you have made an access code named as ‘Secret Number’ for parental controls, insert that code with the number keyboard of the remote control. Press ‘Enter’ again.
  • You have to highlight ‘Yes’ with the help of the right or left arrow buttons and then press the ‘Enter’ option.
  • Choose the ‘Yes’ option again when prompted that the TV will start again. Hit the ‘Enter’ button. The television will show ‘Now Initializing,’ and the power will turn off. The TV turns back on automatically and is restored to factory defaults.

Hard Reset

  • Plug out the TV from the socket.
  • Click the ‘Channel Down’ and ‘Input’ keys on the panel and hold them down.
  • Plug back the TV while holding down the above buttons. You have to take the help of another person to finish this step.
  • Keep the buttons held down till the TV powers back on. If it does not work, plug out the TV and try again. Sometimes, this method does not work on the first try.
  • With the help of the remote, navigate to the ’Service Mode’ menu and choose ‘Factory Reset’ from the menu list. Tap on the ‘Enter’ button, and the TV will start initializing and shut down. It will again power back on and set to factory defaults.

Sharp Aquos Lc-55p6000u TV Remote Code For RC71


Sharp TV Remote Code for Directv


Step to reset Sharp Television?

If you want to reset your Sharp television, Turn on your TV. Then, tap on the Menu key. Go to Setup and then choose the Reset option. Enter the default sharp tv pin code 1234. If this code does not work, hit the Menu button again and choose Setup, Child Lock and then change the pin and add 3001.

Reset Sharp TV Factory Setting?

There are times when you are required to perform a reset of your Sharp TV to factory settings. If this occurs, you can complete the resetting through several key and simple methods.

If you want to reset your Sharp television to factory settings, go to the settings option and choose System and then Factory Reset. Press the Play or OK key thrice to start the reset process.

How will you reset the Sharp TV that won’t turn on?

Sometimes, Sharp televisions encounter power supply problems. If this is happening, various troubleshooting steps can be carried out to overcome this issue.

If you wish to reset your Sharp TV because it is not turning on, check the power cords to the wall outlet and the TV Power Connector are both connected. Press any key on the remote and check whether an LED light is flashing on the front panel of the TV.

How to reset your Sharp TV Remote Control?

We all depend on our remote controls to enjoy TV programs. When the Sharp TV remote does not function properly, it is essential to reset it. This can be carried out through several clearly defined methods.

If you wish to reset your Sharp TV and its remote control, plug out the Sharp TV for 60 seconds and remove the batteries from the remote. After that, hold down the Power key for 30 seconds. Place the batteries back and then tap on all the buttons of the remote from left to right.

Then, plug back your Sharp TV and try to switch on your TV with its remote control. At this point, the Sharp television and its remote control should both be synchronized.


In this write-up, we have mentioned everything you need to know about sharp Universal remote codes and different methods to program sharp universal remote with various devices. There are two different methods to program sharp, universal remote control: the manual and auto-search methods. A list of sharp, universal remote codes is required for the manual process, which we have mentioned in detail.

We hope now all your doubts about how to program sharp universal remote and codes list are clear by now.