How to Get Sharp Aquos Remotes Program Instruction

Sharp manufactures many products. Wide range of remotes, television sets, Blu-ray devices, and many more. Having a separate remote for operating each device is not very convenient. Sharp’s universal remote model lets you operate all the devices with one remote. Making it convenient and easy to operate the various devices.

Universal remote uses codes to program the remote with different devices. Allowing one to use various functions of the remote. Programming a sharp universal remote is very simple and effortless.

Follow these 5 steps and your remote is ready to operate the device.

STEP 1:-

Switch on the device you want to program with the remote.

STEP 2:-

Locate the code of the device you want to setup with the remote in the user manual. Under “Presetting Remote Control Functions” or under any similar sub-heading.

STEP 3:-

Press and hold both, the device button and the display button till the LED lights up.

STEP 4:-

Enter the code for the device using the keypad of the remote. Once you enter the right code the LED light will turn off.

STEP 5:-

To check the code, press on the power button.  In case the remote is not functioning well, try programming the remote again. Following the above steps, using a different code from the list.

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