Hisense TV Universal Remote Control Codes & Program Methods

It’s somehow tedious to manage too many remotes for your devices. Sometimes the chaos turns up into confusion. In the present time, where technology is making a significant impact on our lives with great products, you can use the universal remote control to operate multiple devices. The gadget will enable you to control different brands and different types of equipment through one remote control. If you have a Hisense electrical appliance at your place and want a universal remote control for it, you are in the right place.

In the next section, a complete list of universal remote controls for Hisense TV is mentioned. With this guide, you can easily use the universal remote control to program Hisense TV in just a few steps.

Let’s start by having a glance at the complete list of Hisense TV’s Universal Remote Codes for Hisense TV. Following the code list, we will explain all the steps to program the device with the universal remote control.

Complete list of Hisense TV’s universal remote codes

Note: For Apex TVs, the code is usually 3 or 4 digits. All these codes will apply to SAT and CABLE remote control.

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4 Digit Hisense TV Universal Remote Codes

Here, you can find the Hisense Tv 4-digit Universal remote code list. you just need to select one code to program a universal remote.

5 Digit Hisense TV Universal Remote Codes

In the following table, you may have your Hisense TV 5-digit universal remote codes, where you can find out the correct code for your device.

#Technique1: Program Hisense TV Universal Remote Control Without Code

In the automatic search method, all common remote codes are moved to the remote during scanning. It scans codes one by one to find the correct remote code to use with your remote control to program the control. Please follow the instructions below:

  1. “Turn on” the smart device you want to operate the universal remote control, such as “TV”.
  2. Select the “Turn on” remote control, and press the device buttons (TV, DVD, CBL, and OK/SEL) for 3 seconds. The LED flash indicates the device is ready to program.
  3. Point to the device’s remote control and click the “CH +” and “CH-” switches. The remote signal will display on/off. Press the “OFF” or “DOWN” key continuously until the device is turned off.
  4. Confirm the code and tap on the Power button. Now, try to switch the channel and find out the remote control is programmed properly.
  5. Now tap on the” Device” button and save the code. Again device’s LED will flash to confirm the stored code.

#Technique2: Program Hisense TV Universal Remote Manually

Using the key code, we can easily execute the universal remote program, and the key code can identify the brand and model of the device.

  1. Start by “turning on the device.”
  2. Press “TV” on “Hisense TV Universal Remote”
  3. Next, click on the setting button and hold it for a while until you see the flash, which means learning mode.
  4. Finally, enter the “key code” you collected from the list of Hisense TV’s Universal remote codes.
  5. Now, go to the remote display on your TV and then tap and hold the Power button for some time.
  6. Release the power button when the screen is off.

Following all these steps, users can easily set up the universal remote control for your Hisense TV without any trouble. If your device is not working even after, please repeat the procure with different codes in the same part of the reference table.

How to Program Hisense Tv Universal Remote Without Using Codes

If you buy a universal remote, you’ll be provided with an instructed paper that may have codes. With the help of that code, you can program your universal remote on your device. 

If you don’t have an instruction paper or you’re not able to find your code, then we’re here to help you out in an easy way. You need to understand what are the steps to be taken to program the remote. 

In this article we’re going to talk about the auto search method. In this method, all the universal remote codes are scanned by the remote and it scans one by one code to find out the correct code to program. Now, follow the below-given steps


In the first steps, you need to SWITCH ON the TV or other device that works with the universal remote.


After that Turn on the universal remote and tap on the device or component button like (TV, DVD, CBL, OK, SEL) for about 3 seconds, and if the LED lights up that mean your device is ready to program


Next, point the remote to your device and click on the “CH+” & “CH- button then 

Press and hold down the “up” or “down” key, and it will turn off your device


Tap on the POWER button to verify code and the device will “turn on”


When the device starts, try to change the channel to make sure your device is working properly.


Lastly, you need to save your code for that click on the DEVICE button and the code will save

And, If the LED light will blink (twice) that means your code is stored.

How to Program DirecTv Remote to Hisense TV?

  1. Firstly, tap the menu button. Select Setting & Help > Settings > Remote Control > Program Remote.
  2. Now, select the device that you want to pair with the remote and you need to follow the complete on-screen instructions then your remote will start to work properly.

How to Turn ON Hisense TV Without Remote Control

If your Hisense Tv’s remote control is not working or you lost it and you want to turn on your Tv, then follow the below steps. If your Hisense tv remote control is making trouble, then the major issue is with your remote batteries. When such issues occur while controlling the remote, always check your batteries and check whether the batteries are wet. The wet batteries can make your remote control stop working. So, always check it. 

Yet, if your remote is not working, then we’ve some options that will help you to turn on your Hisense tv without the remote control. Let’s check all those options

  • Using TV Button

The first option is you can use the Tv button on your Hisense TV to control it without a remote. Most of the Hisense TVs have a control button and with that button, you can Turn on and Turn off your Tv. if you want to turn on your Hisense Tv, then you just need to press and hold that button for a few seconds and the TV turns On. Same process to Turn off the Tv press and hold on for a few seconds it will turn off. If you want to turn your Tv on sleep mode, then just tap on that button.

  1. Using Universal Remote Control

This option is best for you to control your Hisense Tv with the help of universal remote control you can operate your device easily. For the verification of universal remote, you need codes of your brand device and if you don’t have that code you can use the above method on how you can program Hisense Tv universal remote without codes. 

  1. Remote Control App

The next option is to use a remote control app. On your smartphone, you can install the REMOTE NOW app which is available on Google PlayStore. After downloading, you enter all the details and then use the search option to connect your Tv to the app. Then you can turn on or off your Tv and change the channels, etc.

  1. Replacing the Remote

If the above options are not working for you, then you can replace the remote. You can replace your remote on Amazon. After replacement, you can operate your Tv with the new remote. 


The above guide releases the complete list of Hisense TV’s universal remote codes. Also, in the list, we mentioned various ways of programming Hisense TV Universal Remote. We hope the information helped you set up the universal remote control for your device.

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