Bose Soundbars usually come with their remotes but what if you misplace or lose them? At such times, you can go for universal remote control. They are user-friendly and very easy to program. Bose is a famous brand across the globe due to its high-quality audio products. Their soundbars are audio-centric which most audio lovers prefer. Some of the popular soundbars are Bose 500, Bose Smart 900, Bose 700 and Bose Solo 5 has the best design and sound in the market.

Here, we are introducing you to the programming guide on how to program Bose Soundbars. For programming, you will require Bose Soundbar universal remote codes. You have to insert these codes at the time of programming the device. The codes which you are entering should match the make and model of your programming device.

So, for programming the Bose Soundbar, you will get the compatible codes in the below table. Moreover, Bose has also introduced its mobile application that has made the programming method very easy. Now, you can connect the universal remote to the soundbar by clicking a few buttons. The application will look into the rest of the other things for you. You can also operate the TV, Blu-Ray, VCRs, DVDs, etc. with the universal remote control.

What Are the Bose Universal Remote Codes & Program Guide

Bose Soundbar Universal Remote 4 Digit Code


Bose Soundbar Universal Remote 5 Digit Code


GE Universal Remote Code For Bose Soundbar


Bose Soundbar Universal Remote Code List

Brand NameRemote Codes
Philips Magnavox05965

Program the Bose Soundbar remote without codes?

All universal remote control codes have been scanned in the remote control using the automatic search method. It examines one code at a time to determine the correct remote code for programming the command. Take the following steps:

How to configure a Bose sound bar? Is it possible to use a universal remote control in a manual manner?

The keycode allows us to quickly program a universal remote and uniquely identifies the make and model of your device.

Step – 1 Turn on the Bose sound bar you want to set up.

Step -2. Activate the TV function on a universal remote.

Step -3. When an indicator light begins to flash, press and hold the SETUP button on the universal remote.

Step -4. At this point, you must input the code, which can be found on this page or in the instructions for the device you’re configuring.

Step -5. Using your remote, navigate to the Bose soundbar, then press and hold the power button.

Step -6. When the screen goes dark, you can let off of the power button.

How to use the code search function to programme a universal remote to work with your Bose Soundbar?

Assume you were unable to locate a valid code for your Bose Soundbar. In that situation, there is another option for correctly configuring your universal remote.

To get started, turn on the device you want to use.(Note: Throughout the procedure, you must keep the remote control directed at the component.)

2.Press and hold the CODE SEARCH button on the remote. Release the CODE SEARCH button when the indicator light blink.

3. Next, push and release the device button associated with the type of equipment you wish to control with the universal remote control.

4. At this point, an indicator light should flash once and remain lighted.

5. Aim the remote control at the Bose Soundbar and press and release the POWER ON/OFF button on the remote control.

6. Immediately after the Bose Soundbar powers down, push and release the ENTER key.

7. If you do not hit the ENTER button within three seconds, the remote control will send the next code on the list, and you will have to restart from Step 2.

8. If you followed the method correctly, your Bose Soundbar should now function with the universal remote. When you locate a functioning code using the approach outlined above, you may utilise the code retrieval tool to save the code for future reference.

How to manually program a universal remote to work with your Bose soundbar?

If none of the other techniques work for you, you can still configure the universal remote manually.

To begin, aim your universal remote towards the remote control for the Bose Soundbar you’re replacing.

2. Next, depending on the universal remote you have, you must hit the SETUP or MAGIC buttons.

3. At this point, you must enter the manual programming code located on your universal remote’s instruction booklet.

4. Next, you must programme a function on the universal remote, such as TV VOLUME DOWN.

5. Next, you must press and hold the matching button on the Bose Soundbar’s original remote.

6. Following that, we should observe a blinking light. This indicates that the function has been correctly saved, and we can now use our universal remote’s TV VOLUME DOWN function.

Repeat the preceding procedures for each function you wish to use with the universal remote. When you are completed programming, you must push the SETUP button to inform the universal remote that you are finished.