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Programming and Resetting Methods for Mediacom Remote

Mediacom remotes give you the opportunity to operate any entertainment device system in your home by eliminating the hassle of using multiple remotes. This remote is capable of providing you excellent system-controlling experience by programming up to 5 devices simultaneously.

This article provides you with complete guidance and explanation on programming and resetting procedures for different models of Mediacom remotes.

Mediacom Remote Programming Methods and Instructions

You get the facility to control the functionality of any device through the programming of the Mediacom remote. However, its programming method varies according to the version and model of the Mediacom remote.

This part of the article teaches you about programming methods for Mediacom Time Warner and TiVo remotes. If you have a Mediacom remote other than those two models, you can use the Time Warner remote’s Auto Code Search method to program your Mediacom remote with your desired device.

Programming Method for Mediacom TiVo Remote

The programming method for any TV device you have with the Mediacom TiVo remote is much easier than you think.

In this case you have to use specific programming code according to the version or brand of your TV device. Below is the manual code entry method of Mediacom TiVo remote programming explained in 7 simple steps.

Step 1. Turn on the specific TV device you want to program your Mediacom TiVo remote with.

Step 2. Visit TiVo Central and click on the Settings and Messages option from the drop down menu that appears on the screen.

Step 3. Now select the specific device, remote and cable card in the pop up menu of the screen and select the remote control setup option from the next drop down menu.

Step 4. Select Mute, Volume, TV Power options from the next menu. It will redirect you to a page mentioning different television brands from where you have to select the manufacturing brand of your desired device.

Step 5. Enter the programming code specific to your TV device model and brand using the numeric buttons on your Mediacom TiVo remote. In this case you can primarily use either 0103 or 0132, 4 digit code for programming your TiVo remote with your desired device.

Step 6. Press and hold the TiVo and Power buttons on your TiVo remote simultaneously for at least 5 seconds until the device you programmed turns off.

Step 7. Again, turn on your programmed device by pressing the power button on your TiVo remote and verify the success of your programming by controlling basic functions like channel, volume changes.

Programming Method for your Mediacom Time Warner Remote

If you use the Time Warner model of Mediacom remotes and want to pair them with your home entertainment devices, you’ll need to know the right programming method. Below is a 5-step guide to the Auto Code Search programming method for any device you have with a Time Warner remote.

Step 1. Turn on the specific entertainment device you want to operate with your Time Warner remote.

i. Check the sources of all cables and electrical connections for pairing the Time Warner remote with the TV device.

ii. If you want to program your home DVD, VCR, or other devices with your Time Warner remote, you will need to turn on your device and insert any media disc, such as a DVD tape, into it.

iii. Regardless of the device you want to program your Time Warner remote with, you must always ensure that the device’s sensor is open to catch the programming signal.

Step 2. Prepare your Time Warner remote to send programming signals to specific devices.

i. You will find five different device buttons like DVD, VCR, CBL, TV on the second panel of your Time Warner remote, from here you need to press the corresponding device button once according to your specific device category.

ii. If you want to program Time Warner with your home TV, you need to press the TV-mentioned device button pointing to the specific device.

iii. The specified device button will blink after you press and release to indicate that your device and Time Warner Remote are in learning mode.

Step 3. Prepare your Time Warner remote for programming.

i. Point your Time Warner remote at the specified device.

ii. Press and hold the Setup button on the front panel of your Time Warner remote, just opposite the Power button.

iii. Your specified DEVICE button will blink twice to indicate your remote is ready for programming and you can release the SETUP button.

Step 4. Complete the main step of programming your favorite device with your Time Warner remote.

i. Press the programming code searching code i.e. 911 from your Time Warner remote.

ii. The device button on your remote will blink twice again to indicate the success of the code searching process for your desired device then you need to press the power button on your remote.

iii. Now keep pressing the CH+ button until your device turns off and press the SETUP button to finish programming the device.

Step 5. Verify the success of programming your device of choice with your Time Warner remote.

i. Point your Time Warner remote at the programmed device.

ii. Turn on your device by pressing the power button on the Time Warner remote.

iii. Try operating basic functions like channel and volume change with your programmed device’s Time Warner remote. If any problem is encountered, repeat the programming steps.

Steps to Reset Mediacom Remote

Any model of Mediacom remote can efficiently work with up to five devices by programming. If you experience freezing or glitching problems operating a certain device you have programmed with a Mediacom remote, you may need to reset the remote’s programming. Also if your Mediacom remote repeatedly fails to program with a new device purchased at home, this indicates that your remote needs resetting. You can learn the resetting procedure applicable for all models of Mediacom remotes below in simple 5 steps.

Step 1. Check the workability and battery life of your Mediacom remote.

Step 2. Simultaneously press the TiVo and Pause buttons for at least 25 seconds.

Step 3. Release the TiVo and Pause buttons when the crimson LED light on your Mediacom remote starts to blink.

Step 4. Press the “0” numeric button on your Mediacom remote.

Step 5. All programming resetting of your remote is done now you can perform programming of your Mediacom device with up to 5 devices of your choice.