Philips Universal Remote Codes and Programming Method

If you have just got a new universal remote code for your Philips TV and looking for Philips universal remote controls code, this guide will help you fix your scenario. It talks about the full Philips universal remote setup with step-by-step instruction.

A universal remote control is a great invention to manage multiple entertainment devices at once. This is a small device that allows working the function of Television, CD Player, DVD Player, Setup box, and many other in one go. This is helpful in many scenarios like you won’t get confused between the several remotes and make the entertainment time hassle-free. Philips is one of the most prestigious Dutch brands for electronic devices. If you have purchased the Philips television in the past or present and now planning to switch from standard remote to Universal remote, you need to know the setup process.

First of all, you need to know the Philips universal remote codes for your devices. Once you have figured out the correct code, switch to the process you want to follow: manual and automatic.

Here’s the list of total Philips universal remote codes 

The below-mentioned codes are for Philips universal remote instruction. In general, the codes are of four digits. If you didn’t get the right code for your device, or the entered code may not work, please choose another code for the procedure.

Philips Universal Remote Codes List

Philips universal remotes can control audio and video devices of any brand. With a few simple steps, one can easily program Philips universal remote control for their brand equipment. For operating your audio and video appliances, you need to enter the device code in the universal remote control.

In this article, you will learn how to program a Philips universal remote by putting the right key code for your device. Also, the list of Philips universal codes for your smart device can be found on this page. You have to select the correct code that pairs with your brand device for programming.

Check out the RCA Universal Remote Codes for Philips

If you are a Philips brand lover, you will be having many electronic devices of that brand. But using many remotes to operate these devices is somewhat hectic to hear. In such a situation, RCA universal remotes will provide you with ease as they can control many gadgets with one single remote. Look at the below table for RCA universal remote codes for your Philips brand devices.

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GE and One-for-All Universal Remote Codes – Philips Brand

You should have a remote control code to set up your universal remote before connecting it with your TVs, DVD player, DVD combos and VCRs. A GE and One-for-All universal remote help to control multiple gadgets in a single remote. For pairing these remotes with your Philips brand devices, look at the universal remote codes below. Enter the right code and program it.

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Get the Magnavox Universal Remote Codes – Philips

A Magnavox universal remote support your Philips brand when the pairing code is correct. So, to control your Philips devices, choose the code from the table below and try to program the Magnavox universal remote. If one code fails to respond, try the next code.

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How can one program a Philips Universal Remote?

Follow the given steps and program your Philips universal remote control:

First of all, hold down the universal mode button (STB, DVD or HTS) that you want to program. Press the OK button simultaneously for 5 seconds.

You can see the 3 universal modes and the TV mode keys lighting up for 1 second. Thereafter, the selected mode will remain lit.

List of Philips Universal Remote Codes for Samsung Devices

A Philips universal remote is functional and can operate multiple gadgets at one time. But, you should have the correct code that will pair the Philips universal remote with your brand device. Below, you will get codes for controlling your Samsung devices.

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Philips Universal Remote Codes for Roku

You can easily operate your Roku TV with a Philips universal remote. You just need to enter the correct pairing code for Roku and the Philips universal remote is ready to program. Check the Roku codes for Philips universal remote in the below table list.

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Philips Universal Sanyo TV Remote Codes

Sanyo televisions can be operated with a Philips universal remote if you have the right key code for programming the remote. You can pair your Sanyo TV with the Philips universal remote control with the codes given below.

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Philips 4 Device Universal Remote Codes

A Philips 4 device universal remote can work on four different audio and video components such as TVs, Blu-Rays, DVD Players, etc. It supports all main brands when paired with compatible codes. The particular table consists of Philips 4 device universal codes for your brand device.

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Have a look at the Philips Magnavox Universal Remote Codes

If you are having Philips Magnavox universal remote to control your home appliances, then you will need a working code to program it. Simply enter the code from the table and follow the programming steps. If the programming fails for one code, go for another one.

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Four-Digit Codes for Philips Magnavox Universal Remote

If you want 4-digit codes for programming your Philips Magnavox Universal Remote, then you are on the right page. Just enter the correct Philips Magnavox 4-Digit code and get control over your brand devices. You will get the codes below.

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Philips Universal Remote Codes for DVDs

If you have a DVD player and looking out for some featured remote control to program the device, then Philips universal remote is a good choice. You have to use one pairing code to connect the Philips universal remote with your DVD player. Get the codes below for controlling any brand DVDs.

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Get the Philips Universal Remote Codes for your Insignia TV

A Philips universal remote will prove useful when a code is used to connect it with your brand device. If you wish to program an Insignia TV, then here are the working codes. Try one code after the other till you get the right key code for your device.

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Philips Universal Remote Toshiba TV Codes

If you are the owner of a Toshiba TV and need a smart remote for operating it, use a Philips Universal Remote. But you need some remote codes for programming the remote. Check the latest Philips universal remote codes for your Toshiba TV in the below table.

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Panasonic TV Codes for Philips Universal Remote

Panasonic is a top model when talking about electronic devices. You must use a smart remote for programming your Panasonic TV and that is Philips universal remote. You have to enter a code for programming your Philips universal remote to the device. The table below will help you with the Panasonic codes to set up your Philips universal remote.

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Philips Universal RCA TV Remote Codes

A Philips Universal remote helps to program RCA televisions if paired with the correct linking code. For Philips universal remote codes, look at the below table and try to program your RCA TV.

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How do you set up a Philips Universal Remote without codes?

The auto search method includes scanning of all universal remote codes. It scans a single remote code at one time and gets the right code for programming the remote control. Just go through the user manual below:

Turn your smart gadget on that you want to set up. After activating the remote, click the gadget button for 3 seconds. The LED light is a signal for the device programming. Hold the remote to the appliance and press the channel buttons. The remote will display (on or off) signals. The up or down keys are continuously clicked until your gadget gets off. Press the power key to check the code. Now, the device gets turned on. If it begins, change the channels to find the remote’s programming status. Tap on the gadget button for saving the remote code. The LED of the appliance will blink twice to verify the stored code.

Two ways for Philips universal remote setup

Users can process the Philips Universal remote task through manual and automatic ways. In this section, we will highlight the steps for both. Those, you want to do this without any hassle can choose the automated mode. It is quick and straightforward.

Philips Universal Remote Workable Guide Without knowing codes

With the automatic search method, all universal remote code runs the scanning process remotely. Scan one code to find the correct remote code that works with the remote and program the controls. Follow the steps below.

  1. “Switch on” a smart device such as a “TV” for which you want to operate the universal remote control.
  2. To turn the remote control “on,” tap the device button (TV, DVD, CBL, etc.) for 3 seconds. The LED light indicates that the device is ready for programming.
  3. Point to the remote control of your device and click the CH + and CH- switches. An on / off signal is displayed on the remote control.
  4. Press and hold the Up or Down key until the device turns off.
  5. Click the Power key to see the code. The device must be powered on. If it does, change the channel and make sure the remote is programmed correctly.
  6. Then tap the Device button to save the code. The LED on the device will blink twice to see the stored code.

Manual way to set the Universal Philips remote with codes

The key code makes it easy to program the universal remote control, which identifies the make and model of the device.

First, you need to “power on the device.”

Press “TV” on the “Philips Universal Remote Control”

Then press and hold the “setup button” on the universal remote control until you see “blinking” (meaning you are in “learning mode”).

Finally, enter the “key code” collected from the programming guide (instruction manual).

When this process is complete, press and hold the Power button, then press Point Remote Control to TV.

You can release the “power button” each time the screen turns off.

This way, the TV is now fully functional with the universal remote control. If the device doesn’t work, try repeating the same process with a different code.

How to reboot your Philips Universal Remote?

The rebooting steps are as follows:

Change the remote from ‘TV’ mode to ‘Erase’ mode. Press the Ok + Mute key simultaneously for 5 seconds. Now, choose the desired mode to erase. Use the ‘Select’ key to delete the wanted mode.

The last step is confirmation of the code.

What to do if Philips Universal Remote stops working?

Check some functions of the remote randomly. If the TV fails to operate, the remote may be in low battery power and need to replace it. Make sure that the remote’s battery is inserted as per the illustration given in the battery compartment.

What is the four-digit code for my Philips TV?

When the prompt “Current Code” becomes visible on the screen, you have to type the universal remote code (8888). After that, enter a new 4-digit access code and enter it once more for verification. Click the back button to exit the menu.

How to program a Philips Universal Remote CL035A?

Switch the device on that you want to operate. Turn on the TV or any other device you wish to program with a Philips remote control. Activate the remote and enter your device’s 4-digit remote code. At last, test the remote.

Where can I find Setup button on my Philips Universal Remote?

If your remote is of an old version, point it to the device and press the Setup key. Hold down the Setup button for 5 seconds. Once you see the red LED light, leave the Setup button.


This article taught you much about the Philips Universal Remote Codes and how to program this remote with your smart devices. Please share this article with other people so that they can also get the right information on programming universal remotes and have unlimited fun.

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