Latest GE Universal Remote Codes for Samsung TV List 2022

We know how much Tv is necessary for our life, to operate tv we use the remote. So, the remote also plays a vital role in our life. In your Samsung Tv remotes, if you press the wrong button , it’ll not work further, and if You’re using a Samsung Tv remote, then you may have to face that problem, so for that, we’ve brought you a solution…

If the remote is not working for your Samsung tv then you can replace it. With a universal remote for your tv. By using GE Universal Remote Codes for Samsung TV, you can program a universal remote to work with your TV. We’ll discuss everything, On how you can program a universal remote for your Samsung Tv, with remote code, and without remote codes. Now, let’s get into the topic.

GE Universal Remote Codes for Samsung TV

The following is the list of GE Universal Remote Codes for Samsung TV that can be used with all the TVs of Samsung. It has all the 3, 4, or 5 digit codes.


GE Universal Remote Codes for Samsung Blu Ray Player

GE Universal Remote Codes for Samsung blu ray player are given below


GE Universal Remote CL5 Codes For Samsung TV

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GE Universal Remote Codes For Samsung Sound Bar

GE Universal Remote Codes for Samsung TV sound bar are listed below


Samsung DVD VCR Combo Remote Codes

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Programming universal remote for your Samsung Tv

GE Universal Remote Codes for Samsung TV help you to turn your device and change the soundtrack. While programming a universal remote for your Samsung Tv, it is crucial to set up your remote. We’ve mentioned the procedure to set up the remote control for your Samsung Tv. Follow the steps given below

Step -1 : To connect the universal remote to your Samsung Tv, “TURN ON” the tv by pressing the TV button.

Step -2 : Next, press long at the setup button on the Samsung universal remote, while connecting, a red light will flash, which means setup mode is on.

Step -3 : Select a remote code for your Samsung Tv, the code is between 3 to 5 digits and enter it using the keypad, we’ve listed the codes below.

Step -4 : The red light will “turn off” after you enter the code.

Step -5 : From the remote, “turn on the power button”. Now, you can enjoy watching Tv with your universal remote.

Note: if the code you entered is not working then use other codes to activate, with the same process we’ve mentioned above.

Make sure you have turned on the device you want to set up. Always check whether your batteries are working or not. since the batteries are not in a state to work then the codes you have enter shows incorrect whereas the batteries are working then it’ll show success

Samsung universal remote with code search

Turn the device on. Press on the setup button. Enter 991 (3digit code). Now hold on to the power button on the remote. Press the channel up. In this case, your tv turns off. This method might take extra time but it is helpful to find your keycode. Once you have done this procedure, your remote should start working.

Ge universal remote programming for Samsung Blu-ray player

Step – 1 .     Turn on the device

Step – 2.      Press and hold down the “SETUP” button

Step – 3.      show red light

Step – 4.      On the remote, press the desired device (DVD\BLU-RAY)

Step – 5.      The red light blinks once and remains on

Step – 6.      Enter the code provided in the below list

Step -7.      If the code is valid, the red light turns off. If it is not valid then the light remains, enter another code until the light turns off

Step -8.      Point the remote towards the device, press the power button, and make sure the device is turning off and if not, then enter the next code you’ll find in the code list. Try this till the device is turned off.

Programming a GE Universal Remote Without Codes

when we buy a universal remote, we’ll have an instructed paper with codes. With the help of that code, you can program your universal remote on your tv following the same process given above. if you

don’t have an instruction paper by any codes or something else. Yet, when you want to program your remote without codes. we’re here to help you out in an easy way. You need to understand what the steps are to take to program your remote without codes. we’ll discuss below

STEP:1 for programming a universal remote without any code, you’ll need to SWITCH ON the TV button in which you want to operate your universal remote.

STEP:2 Turn on the remote and tap on the device button like (TV, DVD, CBL, OK, SEL) for 3 seconds if the LED lights state that your device is ready to program

STEP:3 You need to point out the remote towards your device then click on “CH+” & “CH-

Press and hold down the “up” or “down” key, it will turn off the device

STEP:4 Click on the POWER key to verify your device code. The device will “turn on”

STEP:5 If the device start, try to change the channel to make sure your device is working

STEP:6 Now, click on the DEVICE button to save the code.

If the LED light will blink (twice) then the code for your device is stored.


Universal remotes are a solution when there is no operator for your device and you can buy by yourself at the cheapest rate and program it to your tv and other devices as well. The above methods for programming ge universal remote to Samsung Tv are going to be beneficial for you when you follow the steps . Hope you like this article, share it with your friends and family for their use.

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