How to Find Jasco Universal Remote Codes with Programming Guide?

Are you a Jasco device user and using different remote controls for different devices? We all know that all electronic devices come with remote control. Even Jasco devices come with remote control. However, managing multiple remotes is a tough task, and finding the right one at the right time is pretty difficult. But, here is a perfect solution for the same. Using a single Jasco Universal Remote for all your Jasco devices is easy instead of using multiple remotes. All you need to program your Jasco Universal Remote using Jasco universal remote control codes.


This guide will show you step by step to program a remote into Jasco Universal Remote via Jasco Universal Remote Codes easily. Also, we will provide the Jasco universal remote code list in the below sections.


Jasco Universal Remote Control Codes are the two digit, three digit, or 4 digit codes that are used to program your Universal remote with Jasco devices like TV, DVD, etc. Jasco, being the popular brand in TV, usually comes with remote control. But in case if the remote stops working or is misplaced, you can program a Jasco Universal Remote via Jasco Universal Remote Control Codes.


How to Program a Jasco GE Universal Remote Control?


Jasco universal remote enables you to operate audio and video devices of almost any brand. Just enter a Jasco Universal Remote Codes in the universal remote control. Programming the Jasco universal remote enables you to use the remote with different devices like TV, DVD, VCR, etc.

Missing remotes have wasted our time in searching each of them. With the Jasco Universal Remote, every control is in your hand. For controlling your electronic devices, including Jasco TV, have a look at the simple and quick auto-code Search method and manual code entry method.


So, before you begin, have a look at the code list below.


Jasco Universal Remote Code List


..code list..


How to Program Jasco Universal Remote using Manual Method?


  1. Firstly, switch on the Jasco device that you wish to program like Smart TV, DVD, etc.
  2. Now, select any code from the above list of Jasco Universal Remote Code list.
  3. After that, pin the remote control in front of your Jasco TV and press the Code Search Button. Hold the button for 2-3 Seconds until the remote’s LED light starts blinking. And then, release the remote button,
  4. Now, enter your chosen code from Jasco Universal Remote code list on the Jasco TV. After that, the LED light of your remote will switch off.
  5. Now, your Jasco Universal Remote is connected and ready to use with your Jasco TV.
  6. Now switch on the TV and test the Jasco Universal Remote by pointing it towards the Jasco TV and press the on/off button.


Note: If the device does not respond to the device, then simply try another code from the list of Jasco universal remote control codes and follow the steps again.


How to Program Jasco GE Universal Remote using Auto-Search Method?


  1. Power on your Jasco TV you wish to program and control with Jasco Universal Remote control.
  2. Find the Code Search Button on your device and press to hold until the LED Light is on.
  3. After that, press on your device selection Button and select a device like a TV.
  4. Enter the code that is reflected and point your remote control to the TV. Press the power button until the LED Light indicator blinks to turn off your TV or selected devices. If it does not work, then you need to repeat the above steps.
  5. If your TV or device shuts off, you need to press on the Enter Button within 4 seconds to save the Settings and Exit.
  6. Now, test your universal remote control by pointing it towards your television. Press the Power ON/OFF button on your remote to verify Jasco universal remote codes. If it’s not working, then you need to repeat the above steps.

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