Samsung Smart TV Code for Directv Remote & Program Instruction

Do you have a Samsung tv and you want it operates with universal remote control due to the loss of the original Samsung device remote control? And you already buy DirecTv universal remote control, and you want to make it compatible with your device. You can also use this remote control to operate other entertainment devices (such as Stereo, or video components) which is available at your house.

To make your universal remote control compatible with your device you’ll need programming instructions and Samsung Smart TV Code for Directv Remote. If you have programming instructions then scroll down you’ll get remote codes for your device. But if you don’t have the programming instruction then you have to read the whole article.

For the Directv universal remote control, you’ll need 4-digit DIRECTV Samsung codes or 5-digit DIRECTV Samsung codes. Digit codes are available according to the brand of the universal remote control.

Samsung Smart TV Code for Directv Remote

Latest Samsung TV Universal Remote Control Codes


How to Program DIRECTV Remote For Samsung TV?

Here we suggest you some programming instructions by following these programming instructions you easily make your remote control compatible with your device. That you want to operate with your new universal remote control.

Note: Here we mention 3-types of programming instruction. If you don’t want to program your remote control with remote codes then you can follow the “Without codes programming method”, if you have the remote codes then you can also program your remote control with the programming instruction of the “With remote codes programming method”. There is one other programming method “Manually”, with this programming method you can program your remote control manually.

Program your remote control with remote code:

Step – 1:Firstly, select which device you want to program with universal remote control. You have to select only the given options such as “TV/DVD/VCR”. These instructions only help you to program only these devices.

Step-2: After selecting the device, now you have to look at your “Device brand name”. if your device name isn’t on the list. Then you have to tap on the “Left” button and “Cancel” it. After cancellation, you have to navigate the “Automatic search”.

Step – 3: Tap on the “Device” button that you wish to make compatible with your universal remote control. After doing this, you have to hold the “Setup” button. You have to this button until the light on this button didn’t blow twice.

Step-4: Now, you have to enter the “4-digit universal remote control codes”. If you don’t have the remote codes, then you can get the remote codes below. We mention all the remote codes in the table. From that table, you can get remote codes according to your device.

Step – 5: After performing Step4, you have to tap on the “Power” button. After pressing the “Power” your device should be turned off. Turning off your device indicates that, you have entered the correct remote codes.

Note: If your device isn’t turned off, then you need to enter the “universal remote codes” again. And try again to make your remote control compatible with your device. If then also your remote control and your device didn’t get compatible. Then you need to try other programming methods to make your remote control compatible with your device.

How do you reset a Samsung TV Remote?

Samsung is one of the top-notch brands when we talk about televisions. Electronics took up complaints after long usage, and likewise here, we will discuss how to reset a Samsung TV remote control when it encounters any problem. If your Samsung TV remote is not working properly, it is time to reset the remote. Resetting the remote depends on the type of the remote, the functionality that you are going to restore whether you have undergone typical troubleshooting methods.

Reset the Samsung Remote Programming

You may be resetting the Samsung TV remote to change the appliance it is programmed with. Samsung TV remotes can be programmed to control devices like DVD players, VCR players, Cable boxes, Audio systems, etc. Check the remote’s top buttons to see if the Samsung TV remote is controlling the devices. If you observe the CBL, DVD, and AUX buttons, your Samsung remote can be configured for these gadgets.

Look at the steps mentioned below:

  • Reset the remote programming by clicking on the device button that you wish to program. After that, hold down the SETUP button of the remote till the LED light either flashes or goes solid.
  • Enter the remote code for the device; hit the device key and then touch the POWER button to find whether the device turns off or not.
  • If the device does not turn off, continue the steps by using other codes. You can get the codes for the programming device in the user manual for your specific television remote.

What to do if the Samsung Remote is not working?

There are many reasons why your Samsung TV remote does not work. With the help of troubleshooting, you can fix many of the issues. Your Samsung remote has stopped working if the batteries of the remote are drained. Fix this problem by replacing the old batteries with new ones.

Your Samsung TV remote control has stopped working because of an electronic glitch in the remote. This can be solved by taking out the batteries, clicking a button on the remote to drain out the remaining power and finally putting in the new batteries. Now, your remote should function properly.

The other reason that can make your Samsung TV remote stop working is the failure to connect with the IR sensor on your Samsung TV. You have to check that no objects are obstructing the bottom of the TV and then change the channels with the remote.

Factory Reset for Samsung TV Remotes

Samsung smart TVs usually come with their smart remotes that sometimes need a factory reset. This resetting is essential when the remote stops working and changing the batteries will not solve the issue. You should do a factory reset for your Samsung TV remote by pressing down the ‘B’ and ‘C’ buttons of the remote till you observe the remote light blinking twice. Insert the code (981) to finish the reset process. Now, the remote can be pre-programmed with your TV.

How will you program the Universal Remote to your Samsung TV without Codes?

Many methods are there to program a universal remote control. One of them is the auto-code search process where you can search for the pairing code for programming the remote with the device.

  • Start the device that you want to set up the control with the device.
  • Take the universal remote and hit and hold down the ‘Code Search’ button. When the indicator light blinks, you have to release the code search key.
  • Click and hold the component button for the device that you wish to operate with the universal remote.
  • The indicator light illuminates for one time and then stays lit.
  • Hold the remote towards the smart device. Press and leave the On/Off button.
  • Hold the remote at the device throughout the whole process.
  • When the component shuts off, you must press and release the ‘Enter’ tab.
  • If you don’t press ‘Enter’ within 3 seconds, the universal remote will send the other code in the available list and you have to restart from step 2.
  • Finally, use the code retrieval to search the code for your device for further reference.


Programming the universal remote to any device is a quick and easy process when you have compatible code and correct programming methods. Go through the above article and have unlimited fun on your favourite device with a one-stop universal remote. If you have any doubts about this post, do write to us.

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