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Samsung Smart TV Code for Directv Remote & Programming Instructions

Do you have Samsung tv and you want it operate with universal remote control due to loss of original Samsung device remote control? And you already buy DirecTv universal remote control, and you want to make it compatible with your device. You can also use this remote control to operate other entertainment devices (such as Stereo, or video components) which is available at your house.

To make your universal remote control compatible with your device you’ll need programming instruction and DIRECTV Samsung codes. If you have programming instruction then scroll down you’ll get remote codes for your device. But if you don’t have the programming instruction then you have to read the whole article.

For the Directv universal remote control you’ll need 4-digit DIRECTV Samsung codes or 5-digit DIRECTV Samsung codes. Digit codes are available according to the brand of the universal remote control.

How to Program DIRECTV Remote For Samsung TV?

Here we are suggests you some programming instruction by follow these programming instruction you easily make your remote control compatible with your device. That you want to operate with your newly universal remote control.

Note: Here we mention 3-types of programming instruction. If you don’t want to program your remote control with remote codes then you can follow the “Without codes programming method”, if you have the remote codes then you can also program your remote control with the programming instruction of the “With remote codes programming method”. There is one other programming method “Manually”, with this programming method you can program your remote control through the manually.

Program your remote control with remote code:

Firstly, select which device you want to program with universal remote control. You have to select only the given options such as “TV/DVD/VCR”. These instruction only help you to program only these devices.

Step1: After selecting the device, now you have to look your “Device brand name”. if your device name isn’t in the list. Then you have to tap on the “Left” button and “Cancel” it. After cancellation you have to navigate the “Automatic search”.

Step3: Tap on the “Device” button that you wish to make compatible with your universal remote control. After doing this, you have to hold the “Setup” button. You have to this button, until the light on this button didn’t blown for twice.

Step4: Now, you have to enter the “4-digit universal remote control codes”. If you don’t have the remote codes, then you can get the remote codes from below. We mention all the remote codes in the table. From that table you can get remote codes according to your device.

Step5: After performing the Step4, you have to tap on the “Power” button. After pressing the “Power” your device should be turned off. Turning off your device indicates you that, you have entered the correct remote codes.

Note: If your device isn’t turned off, then you need to enter the “universal remote codes” again. And try again to make your remote control compatible with your device. If then also your remote control and your device didn’t get compatible. Then you need to try other programming methods to make your remote control compatible with your device.

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