Best Apex TV Universal Remote Codes & Program Instruction 2022

Various Apex products like DVD players and televisions are operated by remote control. If you lost or broke your remote control, then it would become more difficult to control the device, as you have to approach the device every time to use it. Instead of wasting your time in finding a replacement for your remote control, you can buy an Apex universal remote control.

However, Apex TV Universal Remote Codes are different from other universal remote controls as they work well with apex products only.

Apex TV Universal Remote Codes

If you want the Sanyo universal remote control codes, we have listed all brand codes, including GE, RCA, and the 3 and 4-digit codes.

Apex TV GE Universal Remote Code


Apex TV Codes for Rca Universal Remote

How to Program an RCA Universal Remote Control Using Code


Philips Universal Remote Code List For Apex TV


Apex TV Universal Remote 5 Digit Codes


Apex TV Universal Remote 4 Digit Codes List


Apex TV Universal Remote 3 Digit Codes List


APEX Audio Component Remote Code List


APEX VCR Remote Code


APEX DVD Player Remote Codes


3 digit codes for RCU300, RCU310, RCU410


3 digit codes list for (v.3)for RCU300T, RCU404


4-digit code list for RCR350, RCR450, RCR815, etc.

1287 1236

4-digit code list for RCR612, RCR812, RCR860, etc.


codes for RCR412B, RCR3273/3373


How to Program Apex TV Remote

Step 1: Firstly turn on the device that you want to program to the Apex universal remote control.

Step 2: Hold down the “Setup” button and the device button until the device button indicator light turns on.

Step 3: Use the Apex universal remote control manual for programming codes. The codes are listed by brand name.

Step 4: Point the remote control toward the device and enter the first code from the list. The device should turn off; enter the codes continuously until one of the codes works and the device turns off.

Step 5: Press the “setup” button and save the setting to your remote. The indicator light will turn off. Now your remote is ready to control the device.

Step 6: To program the rest of your device to the remote control, repeat all the steps from one to five.

How I Program Apex Tv Universal Remote Without Codes

If you’re struggling to program Apex Tv universal remote with the device. Then, you’re in the right place where you can find programming methods. In this article, we have given multiple methods of programming. Start with any one method which suits you for the program. Let’s start with how I program Apex Tv Universal remote without codes. If you want to program correctly, Follow the same instructions.

In the auto search method, all the available universal remote codes are scanned. The remote scans one code at a time. The remote scans to find out the right code that helps you to program a universal remote with the device. Let’s dig into the procedure

  1. Switch on the device that you want to connect with Apex Tv universal remote.
  1. Tap on the device button (TV, DVD, CBL, OK\SEL) in the universal remote. Press and hold on to the device button for 3 seconds. When the LED turn on (your device is ready to program)
  1. Pointing the remote control to the device tap on the CH+ and CH- buttons. The remote will start to show on\off signals. Now, press the up or down keys repeatedly and leave the button when the device turns off.
  1. To verify the code, tap on the power button. After clicking the power button the device will turn on. 
  1. When the device turns on, start checking the universal remote functions. By clicking on various keys.
  1. After that, tap on the device button, and your code will be saved. At last, the light will blink twice to confirm that your code is stored.

How Do I Reset My Apex Tv

Step 1 : Press the menu button on the Apex Tv remote and the main menu will be open.

Step 2 : When the menu opens, you have to click on the setup button. Use the right or left arrow on the remote to press the button.

Step 3 : Now, you have to press the Restore default. You can Scroll down tap on the up or down buttons and search for RESTORE DEFAULT

Step 4 : To open the restore default, press the right arrow and select the “yes” option. 

How Do I Program Apex Tv Universal Remote Manually

In this method, you have to use the keycode. The remote codes are available on the instruction paper. Using that one code you can effortlessly program. In the below, we have given the manual programming procedure. Follow the same process as it is given

  1. Start with turning on the device 
  2. Tap on the Tv button using a universal remote
  3. Press the setup button and hold it until the light flashes. 
  4. Enter the keycode that you have selected from the instruction paper.
  5. Pointing your Apex universal remote to the device, press the power button and hold it
  6. Hold the power button until the device switches off
  7. Turn on the device by pressing the power key and you’re done. 
  8. When the remote isn’t responding, try with a different code and apply the same process.

How Do I Program Apex Tv Universal Remote With Code Search

Use this method. When you couldn’t find your device code or keycode to program. This code search method can help you to find the right key code. In this method, the code forces the remote to search mode and helps you to program your device with the universal remote.

  1. Switch on the device that you want to program with Apex Tv universal remote.
  2. When the device turns on, press and hold on the setup button on the Apex Tv remote.
  3. Now, Enter the (9-9-1) digit code using the number pad of the Apex Tv remote.
  4. Lastly, press and hold on the power button on the remote control and press the channel button simultaneously. Do this until the device turns off 
  5. It might take some extra time but at last, it will turn off. You have to continuously press the power and channel up button until the device turns off. Leave the button for 2 seconds then again, start pressing. That’s it now your device can program correctly.


  1. How can I check if an Apex remote is a universal remote?

Some Tv remotes that come with Apex TVs are the universal remote. This means you can use the remote to control other gadgets but not Apex Tv. The easiest way to check if the Apex remote is a universal remote is to check if the remote has a set and mode option. If it has then, the remote must be a universal remote.

If you need any help or you have any other questions then feel free to comment. Our team will help you to program well. 

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