Apex TV Universal Remote Codes & Programming Instructions

Various Apex products like DVD players and televisions are operated by remote control. If you lost or broke your remote control, then it would become more difficult to control the device, as you have to approach the device every time to use it. Instead of wasting your time in finding a replacement for your remote control, you can buy an Apex universal remote control. However, Apex remote controls are different from other universal remote controls as they work well with apex products only.

Step 1:

Firstly turn on the device that you want to program to the Apex universal remote control.

Step 2:

Hold down the “Setup” button and the device button until the device button indicator light turns on.

Step 3:

Use the Apex universal remote control manual for programming codes. The codes are listed by brand name.

Step 4:

Point the remote control toward the device and enter the first code from the list. The device should turn off; enter the codes continuously until one of the codes works and the device turns off.

Step 5:

Press the “setup” button and save the setting to your remote. The indicator light will turn off. Now your remote is ready to control the device.

Step 6:

To program the rest of your device to the remote control, repeat all the steps from one to five.

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